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Anyone want an SPD support group?

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Palendrominca Wed 25-Oct-17 19:23:43

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second child, my daughter is 16 months, and although looking back I've had a few warning signs this was coming on, I basically went to bed fine on Friday and woke up on Saturday unable to walk.

I've been to the GP and been diagnosed with SPD, and I cannot believe how it has floored me, the pain stops me in my tracks. I have a routine appointment with the midwife on Friday, and been advised by the doctor that she will refer me to a physio.

Luckily I'm on annual leave this week, but I have no idea how I will drive to work next week let alone actually work! And I had such plans for the next few months, especially for December when I was due to be on Mat leave with my daughter, and now i don't know how I'll even change her nappy.

Just looking for some people who are going through the same thing to commiserate with.

scaredofthecity Wed 25-Oct-17 21:04:08

have you tried a belt? I have a serola one and no exaggeration it has literally transformed my life! I know they don't work for everyone but omg for me the relief is amazing.

Also hot baths and rest when it hurts, the worst thing you can do is try and grin and bare it through the pain.

Just remember it's only temporary and most people recover with no issues. With my first I hobbled into hospital on crutches and walked out fine. Although it took a while to build my muscles back up again.

I'm only 13 weeks and my symptoms started at 7 weeks this time so I've got a long way to go! But I've gone from being in agony and barely able to walk to working 12 hour nursing shifts thanks to my trusty belt smile

MrsPan Wed 25-Oct-17 21:08:36

Totally feel your pain! 27 weeks and really suffering... now on crutches to help me get up and down stairs in the morning and evening and when I need to walk a bit outside the house ... but a struggle with a 2 year old that wants to be carried all the time!
I’ve been in a lot of tears. I’m tired as the pain wakes me up and I’m frustrated as I want to run around, carry, pick up my daughter.
I’m a teacher and I’m dreading going back to work next week. Have only really managed this week with my daughter at home by watching a lot of films! The week before half term was agony at school but I don’t want to let people down by not being there.

Physio Rec a pelvic support band- have you tried. It helps minimally. The only thing I’ve found to be effective is a hot water bottle on my lower back and an ice pack on my pubic bone!!!! Xxx

ChocolatePancake Wed 25-Oct-17 21:14:38

I'm only 10 weeks right now but I've been told i will "likely" get SPD again as I had it with my last pregnancy.
As PP said the belt can help (didn't suit me at all, it was just a hassle!) and warm baths... other than that I suggest to cushion yourself in at night, I used to barricade myself in bed so I was propped up from all angles, it helped take the weight off me and it also stopped me from randomly turning over at night (not that that is easy when you're the size of a whale anyway! grin ).
Good luck! I hope it goes speedy for you, mine cleared up as soon as I gave birth pretty much flowers

OnNaturesCourse Wed 25-Oct-17 21:19:52

I'm with you! flowers

Pain from 20-25 weeks, finally referred after a car accident, crutches since 30 weeks. Currently 35+6 and wishing the pregnancy away so I get my mobility back.

Thingywhatsit Wed 25-Oct-17 21:20:55

I'm not pregnant but just popping by to say I know how it feels and it's horrible.

The serola support band is great - definitely worth paying a little more for that one than buying a cheaper one and then the serola.

I was on crutches by 20 weeks with my 2nd - I found it very depressing. Got 6 sessions for hydrotherapy which helped too and I did go to the local pool as well. My best relief was trips to a chiropractor who specialised in pregnancy- it was costly though as was going every 3 weeks. 🙁

Also struggled with sleeping - but I got a "sausage" pillow, think it was a theraline one and that helped loads

Unfortunately I was still on crutches 3 months post birth and 3 years on I still
Get twinges if I've been extremely active.

ChocolateRaisin Wed 25-Oct-17 21:28:10

I’m in for a support group, I have SPD and am bloody miserable. I’m 33+ 4 now and have been off sick from work since 32 weeks. I can’t go back, have been told I must rest pretty much all the time.

Very similar to you Palen, mine came on very quickly and without much warning. I’ve got a support belt but it does nothing to help. It’s definitely slowed down in deterioration since I’ve stopped work and it’s given me plenty of time to read and learn about what life with a newborn will be like...

Palendrominca Wed 25-Oct-17 21:30:19

Gosh scared and Mrspan you guys are doing so well developing it so early. I already had a belt from my first pregnancy (I wasn't diagnosed with SPD that time but I probably had it mildly) and I've been wearing it, unfortunately only had minimal relief with it.

Thanks for the pep talk, I've been really emotional since Saturday, I feel like I am letting work down if I call in sick, I think I am going to go in next week and see how I get on/ whether I can work shorter hours or some from home.

I am really worrying about caring for my daughter on my own. Luckily she loves the TV so I'll have to do the same Mrspan, but my husband works 12 hours shifts and so I will still need to get her up, ready for bed and all the nappy changes in between.

I definitely need more to stop me turning so much in my sleep chocolate, I will barricade myself up better tonight.

Palendrominca Wed 25-Oct-17 21:37:21

How were your work when you told them raisin? I am meant to be training my cover who only started 2 weeks ago, I know my boss will be supportive if I can't go in, but I also know she'll be dumped in it as well.
I called her yesterday to warn her as it was a complete shock to me.

Nature you are on the final stretch now. Is this your 1st pregnancy?

Is anyone taking any painkillers? My doctor prescribed co-codamol but it is not really doing anything despite taking them regularly, I don't know whether I should ask for a stronger dose (currently only on the 8mg)

MrsPan Wed 25-Oct-17 21:52:26

I don’t blame you for being emotional! It’s an emotional time anyway and really tough when you’re physically suffering too. That’s great if you could manage some wfh. Great you have some pain relief but not great it isn’t doing much for you. I haven’t had any- my gp seemed really reluctant to prescribe anything. I just keep trying to get through thinking it’s all worth it in the end! I really hope you can maybe get some extra help with your daughter?

Chocolateraisin that must be so hard. I’m getting lectured by everyone to stop working and I know deep down I’m prob not going to last the next half term. I said i would rest half term and see what I can manage from there.
Were your work supportive? I’m really stressed about not being in work because I don’t think I will be seen in a good light for taking the time. I had a miscarriage in jan and had just under a couple of weeks off for that and it’s already been mentioned how much cover I have created! I also really care about my classes and would be upset to leave them without a perm mat cover which doesn’t start until jan

OnNaturesCourse Wed 25-Oct-17 21:59:28

Hey, yes it is... And I've been hit with HG and SPD plus a foot injury caused by walking too much with SPD (walking funny) annd tonight I spotted stretch marks. I'm so don't with being pregnant now!!

ChocolateRaisin Wed 25-Oct-17 23:13:39

I got really stressed about finishing work early as well, I was due to carry on for another 3 weeks from now. I got very upset about it and felt like I would be letting people down, everyone would think I was being a drama queen and putting it on or that I should carry on struggling. I went for a midwife appointment and she was very concerned so sent me straight to a physio. The physio told me I had to finish or I’d be in a bad way very quickly, which made the decsision to go sick much easier.

My team were really supportive, as were HR. My manager tried to manipulate me into staying at work ‘oh I know what you’re like- you’ll hate being off work and bored, I know you’ll want to push through and keep going’. He is a general arsehole of late so I did not feel one bit obligated to him to stay on and ‘push through’! hmm

I am in my second week of being off now and I’m just relieved it’s not got considerably worse. I don’t feel any guilt about not being at work, it was making me worse being there.

I would say if you’re really struggling with work and it is causing deterioration or worse pain, you really shouldn’t be there. Yes, it may be an inconvenience to them, but do you really need to suffer and be in worse pain because of that?

I couldn’t even imagine having a toddler to run around after as well, that must be so bloody hard flowers cake

Palendrominca Thu 26-Oct-17 18:54:39

I'm glad your team were supportive raisin. Definitely sounds like you made the right decision. The further along this week off I go the more I realise how I am not going to be able to work. I am going to go in next week and try to handover and see if there is any work I'll be able to do from home. I definitely recognise those feelings of letting people down and being a drama queen though.

How is everyone today?

I really need to start being a lot more protective of my current mobility, in the mornings I am much more mobile, but I hurt myself today insisting I could step over something (it was only a few inches from the floor) but clearly I couldn't, and I haven't been able to walk more than a few feet since.

MrsPan that is awful how your work responded after your miscarriage (I am so sorry for your loss), if anything you should use their response as motivation to put your health and the health of your baby first as they clearly won't. Does your 2 year old know you are expecting a baby? My little girl is too young to understand what is about to happen!

Oh nature sounds like you've had everything! You must be exhausted. Have you had much support?

ChocolateRaisin Fri 27-Oct-17 09:30:44

Definitely protect your mobility Palen, it’s not going to get better until baby comes but it will get worse if you over do it. I’ve finally learnt that now after being shouted at by people when I can’t walk and am in agony because I’ve done too much.

Unfortunately, ‘too much’ is basically sod all, so it’s very frustrating!

That is really horrible Mrspan, very unsupportive. I’m definitely with you- so over this pregnancy as well! I had a miscarriage last year too, so I know how lucky I am to be pregnant. I just hate it! I had very bad sickness until 18 weeks, it’s not been easy!

Natsku Fri 27-Oct-17 09:35:50

I think I might have it, if I walk or stand for more than 5 minutes or so then I get a lot of pain in my hips, groin and lower back - does that sound like SPD? My midwife has been quite dismissive of it (just said it happens, take paracetamol, which isn't even helping any more) so no help there.

Palendrominca Fri 27-Oct-17 12:15:35

Well I've just had my midwife appointment and she has referred me to the physio and the obstetrics team as well. she has advised me not to go back to work. Embarrassingly I cried a lot in the appointment, also I might have a UTI. sad

So I think next week will mainly consist of me trying to get work handed over and sorting out my sick note. I have also arranged help with childcare for the next two weeks which is good.

It is reall difficult to not be able to do anything Raisin, how are you keeping yourself entertained? Think I might dust off the knitting needles so I feel a bit useful sitting down so much.

Natsku it does sound like SPD especially the pain in the groin. I have severe pelvic pain/pain in my groin. Is it affecting your mobility? I basically move around trying not to part my legs, so can't side step, find it difficult to get up stairs, and have to get into cars bum first and the swing my legs around. If your midwife is being unhelpful make an appointment to see your GP.

Natsku Fri 27-Oct-17 12:37:07

It is a bit though not too much I think, bit hard getting in and out of the car but can manage the stairs ok. I'll see if I can get a doctor appointment.

ChocolateRaisin Fri 27-Oct-17 16:27:27

I’m glad your midwife has given you good advice Palen. Don’t worry about the crying, I’ve been very tearful with it too, though I have felt better since I have kind of accepted that work had to stop and everything needed to slow down. Don’t push yourself to work a whole week either, get your handover done ASAP and get finished. They’ll cope without you.

Its quite boring to be honest with you, I’m usually a fit, active and busy person. It has taken some adjustment! I’m reading, mumsnetting, watching a bit of tv, light housework. This is my first baby so I’ve done loads of reading about breastfeeding. I’ve also got 2 dogs who are great company and stopped it being so boring. My DH has been very supportive and taken over walking them for me luckily. I can’t wait to have this baby, pop her in a sling and get out walking with them again. I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow, so it’s not forever.

ChocolateRaisin Fri 27-Oct-17 16:28:51

Natsku it does sound like it could be starting up for you. Be careful, try to take it easy! I wish I’d listened to my body earlier on and not tried to just keep going!

SomehowSomewhere1 Fri 27-Oct-17 18:20:02

Can I join? Was diagnosed with SPD two weeks ago, started to ease a bit as I cut down on activites that aggravated it. Went to a Mothercare event last night and it’s flared right up again, currently lying in bed resting it with hope of a miracle. Just 23wks. Got exercises from physio and i’m guessing time to invest in a belt. No bath here 😫 maybe I should hunt out hydrotherapy.

Natsku Fri 27-Oct-17 18:36:37

Been taking it easy as much as possible but reckon a doctor appointment is the next thing to do and ask about one of those belts.

Monkeypuzzle32 Fri 27-Oct-17 22:35:41

I think I may have this, I'm 32 weeks today and just seemed to wake up with it-I had a few aches down below the past couple of weeks after standing up too long but this morning en route to the hospital I struggled to walk properly -I have cramp type pains along my bikini line and along my vagina and it hurts to stand up, hospital didn't seem concerned. I bought a Dream Genii today so I hope that will help s but but do you think it sounds like SPD?

SomehowSomewhere1 Fri 27-Oct-17 22:57:25

Main symptom for me that set it apart from a sprained muscle is how much it hurts to roll over at night, even knees together.

Palendrominca Sat 28-Oct-17 08:00:47

Of course you can join somehow, sorry that you find yourself here though. Have you had a referral yet? As I said mine was a sudden onset, but if you are still mobile I would really try to protect it by taking it easy and making sure you are moving in a way which stops the pelvis separating further. I am finding a hot water bottle quite soothing as well as a bath.

Hi monkey, sounds like it could be, I would make an appointment with the midwife, I am pretty immobile now and Ive only had the symptoms a week. If it is really severe there are implications with delivery so diagnosis is important.

I am in denial about the new baby raisin so I haven't dared to read anything to remind myself about the trials of a newborn! I breastfed my daughter until I was 16weeks pregnant (she weened herself then), I found the first 2 weeks incredibly hard, but after that it was so easy. No sterilising, no making up bottles, instant comfort for her.

foodiemama26 Sat 28-Oct-17 09:25:48

I’m definitely up for a supprt group! I started with PGP at 10 weeks this time and ended up on crutches by 17 weeks and signed off work by 18 weeks (I’m a primary school teacher). Luckily my work have been very understanding but I still have the niggling feeling of guilt and wondering what people are thinking. I’m now 23 weeks and I can get around a supermarket on my crutches but then i’m pretty much done for the day! Luckily my family are close by and are really helping out with looking after my 19 month old and my husband has taking over most of the household jobs now so I just potter a bit during the day and do a bit of cooking. I am starting to get fed up being in the house so much but after my last pregnancy I know avoiding walking is the only thing that helps! I’ve started acupuncture with my physio yesterday so hoping that will help too!

Really sorry to hear of other people struggling - unless you’ve had it I don’t think people really understand how hard it is. I sometimes think half the battle is accepting what you can’t do anymore!

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