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Can you request an induction on your due date ?

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ifyouposttheyjudge Wed 25-Oct-17 19:21:49

I was induced with my first DC, but I was 13 days over by the time he was born. He was a massive baby at 11 lbs 4oz and the recovery to get over the birth took a while.

So having another DC can I insist they don’t let me go over due to my history of a massive baby? ( no Diabetes, I’m not overweight, no medical issues)

Will I get extra scans if I ask or not ?

DC1s size was a surprise although I was measuring massive. Dc is still 98th percentile.

I guess I could request a CS ? I don’t know if I want one due to the recover on that too?

Tigerpig Wed 25-Oct-17 19:34:43

How far gone are you OP?

In my area that size of previous baby would potentially trigger a Consultant referral and also triggers GTT as a matter of course (I also had huge baby, and didn’t have GD last time but still have to have GTT this time)

At my booking appointment the midwife arranged for a consultant review at c20 weeks - appointment has come through and I will be c23 weeks. So will discuss options then. Midwife has suggested they would do growth scans at say 36 or 38 weeks and definitely wouldn’t let me go pass due date and may induce or csection before DD. Although I did have other complications (PPH) do that may influence the decision too. I’m rather nervous about the whole thing but keeping (trying!!) an open mind until I’ve met with the consultant.

ifyouposttheyjudge Wed 25-Oct-17 22:55:06

We are just trying, but the size factor is putting off a bit.

What is GTT ?

I’m tall and from a tall family and my DS is in proportion height to weight now but still a lot taller.

I actually had a scan with DS at 32 weeks as had a low placenta on 12 & 20 week scans. It had moved “up” to allow natural birth but it was casually said Baby was big then. The sonographer went to consult someone and came back saying it was all fine. I mentioned to midwife at a later appointment who just said it was all normal, so I didn’t think anything about it at the time. Same with measuring ahead, they never raised any concerns. So everyone was a bit shocked!

Big babies are actually lovely! What do you think you will do ?

Tigerpig Sun 29-Oct-17 19:03:49

Hi OP,

Sorry only just seen your reply!

GTT is Glucose Tolerance Test, basically a test comparing fasting blood sugars, followed by glucose drink then post gluscose bloods to see if you have Gestational diabetes or not. In my area a birth weight of 4.5kg and above is automatic referral for GTT at about 27 weeks.

I’m currently in two minds about which route to go down. On one hand I delivered a big baby without intervention but I had a massive PPH afterwards and contracted sepsis which require a long hospital stay and blood transfusions etc. So I’m nervous of that happening again. But that said the things I’m worrying about are risk factors for a c-section confused

Meeting consultant in December so desperately trying not to freak out (currently failing!) and keep an open mind until I’ve met with the consultant.

CL1982 Mon 30-Oct-17 08:48:33

OP-I asked my consultant as I was worried about a big baby. Unfortunately they said they worry about small babies but not big babies 😳 So the answer for me was a definite no.

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