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Ante-natal HV appointment

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BabyOrSanta Wed 25-Oct-17 12:21:57

Can anyone tell me what happened at their's please? What are they looking for etc?

I've spoken to my MW about it and she says it's fine and has prewarned the HV of the temp accommodation I'm in but I can't help but be slightly anxious...

ashaj92 Wed 25-Oct-17 12:45:40

I’ve got my first health visitor appointment tomorrow too 😊
This is my first baby so haven’t had one of these visits before, but I actually used to work with my local health visiting team. From what I know I think they just come round, introduce themselves as your ‘named HV’ and tell you a bit about the services they offer so you know kind of what to expect and who to contact for advice etc once baby’s born. I wouldn’t worry too much, HV’s see all the weird and wonderful and I doubt they’d look negatively at temporary accommodation. I’m sure you’ll be fine 😊 x

mindutopia Wed 25-Oct-17 13:02:31

It's a pretty standard thing. Basically, it's just to come by and say hello to you when things are still pretty calm and peaceful, rather than some stranger barging on in when you are feeling sore and fragile after birth. It gives you a chance to meet each other and you can ask any questions and they can flag up any concerns you might have (about PND for instance or any other support you think you might need). And they fill out and give you your baby's red book so you have it ready for the birth. It was just a nice chat really. They don't want to look around unless there's something you want to show them or ask about.

ShowOfHands Wed 25-Oct-17 13:07:48

We drank tea and ate biscuits. Think we might have talked about babies in passing.

BabyOrSanta Wed 25-Oct-17 18:12:13

Ooooo looking forward to getting the red book! (Total nerd, obviously)

So I need to buy tea bags and biscuits... that I can do. (Semi serious - it feels like I'm doing something then...)

They won't need to check out everywhere? I'm currently in a room in a shared house with two dogs. Will they need to see my stupidly crowded room? Or will a chat in the living room suffice?

I know it sounds snobby but my next door neighbour has a baby (and another child) in the same sort of set up (although not shared) but with a lot less room. It's not clean or organised... and she's still found the HV visits okay... so I'm hoping that she won't look down on my situation too much or judge me overly harshly as I'm making steps to get out of this situation.

I hope your visit goes well smile

Thank you for your replies flowers

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