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Going to a gig near due date

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Mcakes Tue 24-Oct-17 09:20:32

Just after a bit of advice. My partner has just found out that our favourite band is FINALLY doing another tour in the UK (first in 10 years).
It is a band that has meant a lot to us and are fab live. We both obviously want to go but the closest gig will be a couple of weeks before my due date. Are we crazy to even consider buying tickets just in case I feel up to it?
It's my first baby so I have no idea what to expect, though having read stuff on here, I am anticipating that I will probably be too tired or not wanting to be too far from home at that stage.
The gig is in a big city about 40 mins from our home so I'm not too worried about the travel. Can also probably get seats (will need to check about this).
Advice from more experienced Mums appreciated!

Jenala Tue 24-Oct-17 09:23:01

I'd get tickets, especially if you can get seats. I just found standing a long time made my bump (and feet) ache is all, so would rather have had a seated ticket if I was going at that stage.

It'll be nice to have something to look forward to, the last few weeks can be a slog and time crawls. I went to a few small gigs the last fortnight of my first.

Good luck!

TheVanguardSix Tue 24-Oct-17 09:27:24

I wouldn't.

I went to see Sigur Ros when I was about 5 months pregnant with DC3 and the baby kicked like crazy. The bass at concerts is soooo deep. You can be sitting incredibly far away from the stage and still feel the vibrations. I think it's quite distressing for baby. There's a 12 year age gap between DC3 and DC1 so I hadn't given it much thought when I booked the tickets to see Sigur Ros.
With DC1 (who is now nearly 16) I went to a concert towards the end of pregnancy and had to leave. It was just too much and he was kicking like he'd never done throughout the entire pregnancy.

Others will say don't worry. But I'm thinking, from my own experiences, that it's unsettling for the baby. You wouldn't bring a newborn to a concert, even with headphones. You just wouldn't. Even being nestled away in the womb doesn't shelter them from the heavy noise of a concert.

Ct17218 Tue 24-Oct-17 09:30:55

I’ve been to 2 gigs whilst 5 months pregnant and it’s was fine for me! I’m in the same predicament as you! A band I love from the states are coming over on the 26th of Feb and I’m due on the 17th! They are a small band so it’s not often but I really wanna go!! 😫

GlitteryFluff Tue 24-Oct-17 09:32:23

I've been to gigs standing at about 6 months with a couple of hours journey there and back on trains and tube. First pregnancy was fine. Current pregnancy I struggled a bit and needed to keep sitting down as was getting a bit restless.
I felt healthier for longer in first pregnancy than I do in this one.
If it was sitting, it was gonna get sold out (therefore could easily resell tickets and you would be in a car for the journey or was an easy journey (rather than bus/train/tube/walk type of thing) i'd go for it I think.

mellongoose Tue 24-Oct-17 09:36:40

I worked in the healing fields at Glastonbury at 6 months (in my tent by 10pm!!!!). I also went to an ‘energetic’ theatre performance and sat on benches in a big top 4 days before giving birth.
As long as you’re feeling well, you’ve got someone with you and you don’t have to walk too far then enjoy!!

Congratulations 👌

MagicFajita Tue 24-Oct-17 09:37:10

It's a tough one op , it depends on how your body copes. You may be fine you may want to stay close to home.

I went to a big sports event at 32 weeks (I'd had tickets for a year) and was massively uncomfortable even though it wasn't too crowded and I had a seat near the toilets. I couldn't sit through the entire thing.

Good luck making a decision.

Zeitgei5t Tue 24-Oct-17 09:43:48

I went to London for a gig when I was 37 weeks (tickets bought before I got pregnant). Baby kicked quite a lot for the first warm up band and fell asleep during the second (which was quite a not really my taste screamy metal band hmm )
Get seating if you can. Also have a just in case plan (IE. Where are the nearest hospitals, what do you need to take if you go into labour, green notes etc).
Definitely go, enjoy your freedom while you can!

fishfingerSarnies Tue 24-Oct-17 09:57:42

I went to a gig on my due date and one after my due date I danced loads in an attempt to get the little bugger out (didn’t work!)

If you get tickets and you don’t feel up to it would you be happy for him to go with a friend?

Oysterbabe Tue 24-Oct-17 10:59:50

I'd have had a 3 week old by then with my first. No harm in getting the tickets but being prepared to sell them if necessary.

purplek1tty Tue 24-Oct-17 11:34:29

Get the tickets, you can always sell them on if you change your mind!

I'm 32 weeks and have been to Download Festival in my first trimester , Foo Fighters at the 02 in my second and am off to see Metallica on Monday night.

Get seated if you can, know your routes home and to local hospital and enjoy yourself. My reconning is that I'm probably going to have an enforced break from gigs for much of next year so enjoying getting some date nights and good music in now smile

FYI Baby kicked a little more when at Foo Fighters but not to the extent I was concerned.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 24-Oct-17 11:38:09

I worked at a festival at 7 months, and took my little sister to see Steps at 8.5 months. Both were fine, although I was slow and lumbered like an elephant. I think the vibrations from the bass are worse in early pregnancy as I went to a gig at 3 months and felt hyperaware of my pregnancy even though I had only just found out - it made me really nauseous.

OnNaturesCourse Tue 24-Oct-17 11:49:19

Definitely get tickets, seating if you can.

I was at a outdoor rap concert at 7 months preggo, no seats. Yes my back ached and I had to stand further back than I would normally but for me it was worth it (long time fan.)

I just made sure I went with someone I could trust, and who could get me out/home if needed. Was about 40-50 minutes from home so we took the car and obviously neither of us could drink etc.

I went to a large comedy gig at 33ish weeks, this was seated and again I just did the same... Took a trusted person. Roughly the same travel distance.

Bump kicked away during both, but nothing crazy or alarming. Bump had already been exposed to loud music/noise.

I'd just say keep a note of where the nearest loo is and, if seated, try get a end seat. Xx

NameChange30 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:57:51

Definitely get tickets if you can get seats (rather than standing)!
If the baby is born before the concert you can always sell the tickets. If baby hasn't been born yet I'm sure you will be glad to go!
The only potential issue is your physical comfort. I had PGP and couldn't stand or walk for very long at all without being in pain, but sitting was OK. Even without PGP I think you would need to sit in late pregnancy. If you can choose your seats, I suggest the end of an aisle so you can nip to the loo if necessary. Or just get up and stretch your legs if you have restless leg syndrome (another delightful thing I had in pregnancy!)

OnNaturesCourse Tue 24-Oct-17 12:05:07

I second that NameChange. I was on crutches by 30 weeks so the comedy show I went too I doubt I could have done without seats. I had SPD starting around 25 weeks so it possibly contributed to the backache at the gig I went too, and another thing... If you're working I'd book 1 or 2 days annual leave after. You'll possibly feel like like you've ran a Marathon xx

futuremrsconnor85 Tue 24-Oct-17 12:08:53

OP, I would go! I'm 33+1 and on Saturday went to see one of my favourite new bands....Sleaford Mods. It's punk/rap music. If you know of them you'd be forgiven for saying it's no place for a heavily pregnant woman! It was a standing gig and I stood at the side/back, had some water and was fine. Really enjoyed myself! Obviously doing this kind of thing is a personal choice but I think if you are seated it would be even easier. Make sure you locate the nearest toilet and maybe tell a steward nearby so they can keep an eye on you. If the baby comes beforehand or there are problems you can always sell the tickets. It's really your call but I'd say go and enjoy! Good luck x

bettybyebye Tue 24-Oct-17 12:24:08

I had tickets to see pulp which should have been when I was 38/39 weeks. Only about a 15 minute drive from home and we had seats, so all good I thought. Ended up leaving 12 day old DS with the inlaws so DH and I could go! Although we left vv early as my hormonal postnatal body was not actually ready to leave my baby (I cried when I left the house!).

If I were you I would buy the tickets but be prepared to not end up going

glastogal Tue 24-Oct-17 12:37:41

I went to a gig last night at 34+3.. got a lot of kicks and was so glad we had booked seats. However, I still took a 10 mins break in the middle as the seats weren't that comfy and it was so hot in the auditorium!! I'm glad I went though.. I got a few amused looks and the staff asked me if I was ok a lot grin

Thewinedidit Tue 24-Oct-17 12:50:27

I've got tickets for a gig when I'm 39 weeks. Seated as there is no chance I could stand for long. Went to festival at 17 weeks and the standing then was too much.

I think as long as you're prepared for the eventuality that you might not go buy the tickets.

Swan8 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:30:49

I’m only 21 weeks but have been to a few gigs so far (I love music). Always seated though. The noise is never as loud seated as you’re inevitably further away, so I don’t think it is likely to cause the baby any harm volume wise. They may get vibrations from the bass, but surely that isn’t any worse than the sort of movements they would get if you are running etc? You can always use Twickets etc to sell the tickets if by the time the gig comes around you aren’t up to it. At least that is my view and explains why I have several more gigs in the diary before my due date, including tickets to see a favourite band’s farewell tour at 36 weeks next Feb!

Mcakes Tue 24-Oct-17 15:35:12

Many thanks for all the reassuring and encouraging replies! I didn't know if I would get mostly ones saying noooooo don't do it.
Also really enjoying the eclectic music mentioned - from Metallica and Sleaford Mods to Take That and Steps!

I didn't say what the band is (I think I've been reading too much AIBU recently and didn't want to have people slating my music choices). It's Gomez and they are touring next year to mark the 20 year anniversary of Bring It On (am very much an older mum to be wink). We'd be going to see them in Bristol O2 so should be fine for amenities etc. It is likely to get sold out so should be no trouble selling tickets if needed.

Jenala Good point about having something other than the baby to look forward to in the last few weeks, which sound like they can really drag

Betty Impressed by your commitment to Pulp and determination not to let a little thing like a newborn get in the way of a gig grin

Will definitely buy the tickets and see what happens...

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