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Suspected Miscarriage?

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DinoMania Tue 24-Oct-17 07:19:46


So we had my son 4 months ago and decided we would start trying again a month a go (please don't lecture me about how the recommended wait time before you start trying again is 18 months etc as this isn't why I'm here xx). I already had one period since giving birth, this was a few weeks after my post partum bleeding finished and was exactly like my usual periods pre pregnancy.

When I missed the next period I was rather excited and so assumed I must be pregnant again. Took multiple tests and all were negative. But still no period came.

Then day before yesterday I had really bad cramps, similar to the contractions at first stage of labour, shortly after I had a small amount of bleeding. I just thought this was my period but the bleeding got so heavy (and has been constantly bright red) that I had to change pads hourly and I still soaked through a few of them. The cramps got really severe too, to the point I was struggling to look after my son properly, luckily my partner was around!

Yesterday I decided to phone 111 after large blood clots started appearing and I could probably fill half a cup with the amount of blood I had drop out of me on a few occasions when I went to the loo (sorry for TMI). 111 sent me straight to my out of hours GP.

The GP listened to my symptoms and said it does sound like an early miscarriage apart from the negative pregnancy tests. She made me take another pregnancy test which came back negative and so she said I couldn't have been pregnant and sent me home saying it is just a heavy period.

However this morning I've woken to having bled through, cramps are still bad and I've still got so much blood with large clots coming out continually.

I just want to know if this could be a miscarriage, if it could be do I need to go back to see a different GP or do anything to ensure I will have a good chance of getting pregnant again afterwards.

My partner has gone to work this morning so struggling to do anything too physical as well. Feel so emotional, although I didn't know I was pregnant due to the negative tests, if this could be a miscarriage it's so sad that could have been my little baby. Really making me so sad. Sorry, I know so many people go through this and a lot later than what I am.

Sorry for long post and Tia xx

JoJoSM2 Tue 24-Oct-17 08:45:06

After a miscarriage, you tend to get positive pregnancy tests for a while as the hormone is still in your system.

However, your symptoms sound awful so should be further investigated.

Oysterbabe Tue 24-Oct-17 08:57:14

It sounds more like an infection than a miscarriage. Go back to your GP if you're still feeling bad and have heavy bleeding.

DinoMania Tue 24-Oct-17 09:10:57

Thank you both xx

mindutopia Tue 24-Oct-17 12:09:51

I would agree, I don't think it sounds like a miscarriage. You definitely would have gotten a positive test to have that much bleeding. It is possible to have a very early miscarriage before you are really all that pregnant (a chemical pregnancy), but it's just a normal period. There's nothing in there that would cause that much to come out. I have to say I think it sounds either like a really bad period or an infection. I know my first probably 3 postnatal periods were really awful, really heavy bleeding and clots. It wasn't quite as heavy as you describe, but it was really heavy. It's possible it's something retained from when you gave birth. That does happen sometimes and it can cause blood clots to build up. I would see your GP because you might need some antibiotics. Hope you are feeling better soon.

PandaEyes2 Tue 24-Oct-17 12:48:42

I had this too when I had my son. My bleeding stopped and I had a normal period a couple of weeks later. And then my second period was awful! Huge (and I mean massive) clots coming out horrible cramps and a lot of blood. I didn't speak to anyone about it though, only my mum and she wondered if it was still some of the after birth (she's definitely not a doctor) I wasn't sure what to think but have since returned to pretty much normal x

DinoMania Tue 24-Oct-17 12:54:04

It's reassuring to hear both of you explain heavier periods can be a post natal thing.
I'm going to see how tomorrow goes and if it's still this heavy then go see my GP as it hasn't eased up yet. Xx

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