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Colposcopy when pregnant?

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Sunshinesaz86 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:57:28

Has anyone had colposcopy whilst pregnant?

I went to see consultant for the first time today (16+4) she examined me as I've been spotting since I had a bleed at 12 weeks.
She said she could see a skin tag/growth type thing so wants to refer me to colposcopy?

I've had colposcopy before and a biopsy and all was ok but a fair few years ago now (and I wasn't pregnant.)

Will they just have a look for abnormal cells or will they do a biopsy?
And is it safe to do a biopsy when pregnant?

Do you think I need to be concerned?
I'm Assuming if they weren't concerned they'd leave me be until after baby is born?

Any advice experience would be great. TIA.

ILoveCwtches Mon 23-Oct-17 16:08:03

I was referred for colposcopy when I was about 20 weeks. I'd had some bleeds that didn't seem to be related to placenta etc and once every man, woman, student and passing interested person had looked up my chuff they decided to refer me. The colonoscopist took about 10 seconds to declare my cervix a normal pregnant one with no issues needing immediate attention (I'd had cryotherapy a couple of years earlier as had a cervical ectropion). She did have a good look to make certain (showed me on the screen etc) and you could tell she spent all day inserting specula as it didn't hurt a bit (unlike all the exams I'd had by midwives and consultants)!

So no experience of biopsies but is a positive tale of midwives/Drs wanting a second opinion from an expert, and no further treatment being required.

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