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Would you say I'm pregnant

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Mooselet24 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:36:25

*Would people say I’m pregnant?

I had a miscarriage 2 months ago, so would mean the world to me if I was.*

TriJo Mon 23-Oct-17 15:40:38

That's a line alright - looks like you are but would test again in a couple of days to be sure.

LynzyG Mon 23-Oct-17 15:44:48

Have you done one since your previous miscarriage to make sure all the hormones are out of your system?

If so, I would say that’s a positive. I would recommend getting a digital one though! There’s no ambiguity in them. It’s just pregnant or not pregnant so you can’t second guess yourself!
Hope you get a positive! Xoxo

Laura17111 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:47:41

Definitely positive I would say, congratulations!!

That is a lot clearer than the first test I did and the line just got stronger over the next few weeks

I did a digital test and it was saying not pregnant for a few days as I was testing too early for it to show, just thought worth saying if you do buy a digital

JoJoSM2 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:07:53

That's a very positive test. But as PP said - do you know that beta hCG was put of your system after the miscarriage?

TheCatsMother99 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:20:40

Tentative congratulations

SeraphinaDombegh Mon 23-Oct-17 16:22:58

Well, I don't know about anything else but that's definitely two lines...

crunchtime Mon 23-Oct-17 16:24:23

looks positive to me

ANIDOO Mon 23-Oct-17 16:32:58

This was mine last December- I now have a 12 week old son!
Though I did buy 2 digital ones for confirmation and did them over next two days. Fingers crossed for you!

HaHaHmm Mon 23-Oct-17 16:46:23

I'm sorry for your loss. That is certainly a positive test, but as pp have asked, have you had negative tests since the miscarriage? Residual hCG levels after miscarriage is one of the potential reasons for a (rare) false positive.

ANIDOO Mon 23-Oct-17 19:01:59

If you keep getting positive tests, see if your GP can refer you for an early scan? For your peace of mind.

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