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Help me cope

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hollyindie Mon 23-Oct-17 15:27:04

Hi everyone.

Please don’t judge me, I am struggling as it is to cope with my feelings and I just want advice.

I’m currently pregnant with my first baby. (27weeks) my partner has a little girl already who is 5.

she stops over ours every other Friday night and we see her every Saturday. The relationship I have with her has always been strange. I try to get on with her and doing fun things like I would with my niece (she is 4) and try to treat her like I would my niece as I don’t want to be her parent.

Every since I’ve became pregnant the relationship with myself, my partner and his daughter has become strained. Her Mam has voiced how unhappy she is I am pregnant and since then Then the daughter has become very reluctant to be involved with the pregnancy. If we talk to her about it to keep her involved she isn’t interested. She won’t let me talk when it’s the three of us, if I’m talking to her dad about something she will purposely sit in the middle of us and talk over me to take his attention away.
I have never taken him away from Her as I’m there the Friday evening when she stops over but the Saturday I always let them have together. On the rare occasion I’m there on a Saturday I let her chose what we do and I come with them but stay back so it’s still there time I’m just there if she wants me.

I just need advice on how to resolve this? Thank you

JoJoSM2 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:13:12

Well, she's very obviously jealous and her mother is making the situation difficult. I think your OH needs to manage the situation- making his daughter feel special and mention the excitement about her baby brother/sister being on the way. Maybe make some plans of things you could do when the baby is here.

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