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12 week scan should I be worried?

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LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 12:37:35

How likely is it that I will attend my 12 week scan and there will be nothing there? Is this common?

Apart from nausea I’ve had no pregnancy symptoms and last time I had loads. On top of that I had bleeding. How do I know everything’s ok? Am I likely to get bad news at the scan? Sorry if I sound irrational but really don’t feel pregnant! I’m 10 weeks btw but scan isn’t until week 13!

AutumnLeavesandCandleLights Mon 23-Oct-17 12:43:52

With both of my babies I was convinced at the 12 week scan they'd tell me I wasn't actually pregnant as, luckily for me, I never get sickness, aches and pains don't creep in until much later in the pregnancy so lack of symptoms always leads me to believe something has gone wrong/I was never really pregnant in the first place.

Some people are just super lucky and handle pregnancy really well. With this pregnancy, I also had a small bleed around 5-6 weeks and I'm now 29 weeks!

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 12:47:35

Thank you Autumn I just feel so worried. Last time I had big sore boobs and everything - I felt pregnant. This time I’ve had nausea but it’s died down this week and heartburn but otherwise nothing. Boobs are normal, I’m not showing, and the bleeding freaked me out! We had an early scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding so I saw the baby but continued to bleed and now I’m thinking maybe it died :-( I’m completely losing the plot aren’t I?!

orangeowls Mon 23-Oct-17 12:51:59

There is honestly no way of knowing ☹️ I had one pregnancy with bleeding and symptoms but discovered a missed miscarriage, then had another pregnancy with symptoms and bleeding and everything was fine.

Fingers crossed everything is fine, but I agree the wait is horrendous!

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 12:54:58

It’s awful! Thank you orange I didn’t know symptoms remained when it happens so I guess it could happen to anyone? It’s so scary isn’t it! I’m sorry for your loss btw x

Poppy012 Mon 23-Oct-17 12:54:59

Aww ladypug it is totally normal to feel like this, but if you are really worried could you not get another private scan to put your mind at rest? Are you still bleeding now? X

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 12:56:18

Hey Poppy I thought about paying for a private scan but DH says why bother when our real one is in 3 weeks (er because it’s in THREE WEEKS!!!) and also I wasn’t sure if too many scans could be harmful!

Poppy012 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:07:57

Are there any reasonably priced ones near you? Well I’ve had 3 scans now and I’m 13 weeks, the epau never said they could be harmful and told me to come back if I was still having problems so I’m sure they are safe! X

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 13:18:16

Oh that’s good to know! Only one place does them locally and they are £60 so quite expensive :-(

Doublechocolatetiffin Mon 23-Oct-17 13:19:04

Oh it's such a worrying time isn't it. If you can get a scan, I think you should. I don't think there is any harm in it and I t's pretty much the only way of knowing if all is ok.

To reassure you though, missed miscarriages aren't common, it's only 1% of all pregnancies I think.

I had one last time and the only way I've got through this pregnancy so far is just trying to keep myself as busy as possible and not thinking about it.

ZaphodBeeblerox Mon 23-Oct-17 13:21:41

MMCs are thankfully very very rare, but overrepresented in all online forums, so can make you feel very anxious.
No evidence that scans harm babies, but they are expensive. And symptoms appearing/disappearing is no real sign either. I know it's v nerve wracking but hang in there. Most babies are perfectly fine!

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 13:39:48

Thank you doublechocolate and Zaphod I never knew a MMC was that, I always wondered what the extra m was for. So good to know only 1% have them, I seem to hear about it everywhere! Might look at getting a private scan! Thank you :-)

demirose87 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:41:25

I know three people that have had missed miscarriages sadly. I was convinced I would be given bad news at my 12 week scan with last pregnancy as my friend had just had one, and I couldn't get the thought out my head,but all was ok. I just thought, if it's going to happen it's going to happen and what will be will be. I think we all worry about every possibility at scans and I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck

JennyBlueWren Mon 23-Oct-17 13:42:31

I thought the same with both of mine -and posted on here about it 6 weeks ago! The midwife saw my look of relief and I think she was used to it!
One thing to be prepared for is a change of dates as your original is based on periods and cycles etc. Last time I was only 10 weeks and this time 13.

mindutopia Mon 23-Oct-17 13:46:54

If you continued to have bleeding, I think I would have gone back to the EPU for another scan. If it's stopped now, that's a positive thing though. I had a missed miscarriage with my last pregnancy and to be honest, I did have that feeling that I wasn't really pregnant. Like I never truly felt quite right about it. I just felt really unsettled with it all. I had little to no bleeding though (a tiny bit of spotting, like a wipe here and there and nothing more). We found out at 8 weeks at a private scan.

But I've also had 2 healthy pregnancies where I had loads of bleeding, much heavier than with my mc actually before I found out. But in both cases, the bleeding stopped and then I had no more. I suspect if you have had bleeding and it's completely gone away now and you've not had cramping, all is probably fine. But me myself, I would still probably want another scan, so I would probably get a private one. It really was worth the expense for the peace of mind.

Holz657 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:51:35

Aww I felt the exact same way. I had utterly convinced myself nothing would be there. I had no symptoms and didn’t feel pregnant. I read so many horror stories on google it was awful, I was a total wreck before hand. My little boy was right where he should of been growing perfect. Obviously I can’t say 100% but it’s so common to feel this way. I’m sure it’ll be totally fine smile congratulations btw xx

Holz657 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:52:18

Also I bleed too. X

Dozer Mon 23-Oct-17 13:53:45

As PPs say think the MMC stat is around 1%.

LadyPug Mon 23-Oct-17 14:01:02

Thank you everyone. Once I had that first scan mindutopia they knew it wasn’t ectopic so if I lose the baby they can’t do anything about it but they needed to know it wasn’t ectopic. It’s so scary isn’t it?!

LadyPug Tue 24-Oct-17 16:01:53

Just a little update: I’ve booked a private scan for this weekend! I know I’ll feel better if I can see baby!

Hulaballoo Tue 24-Oct-17 16:19:01

I really don't want to worry you as we're all different. I had symptoms up to 6 weeks, but only sore boobs and slight nausea. I had spring and light bleed at 6 weeks. I started to feel anxious and not pregnant. My 12 week scan was booked for 13w. I felt too anxious so I paid for a private one at 9 weeks. Sadly baby had passed at 5 weeks. I had to have a dc at 11 weeks, my body still thought I was pregnant so didn't MC, mmc. 😥 on a good note, with my 2nd DD I bled at 7wks and 15wks, much larger bleeds than mmc. Went to hospital both times and both times ok...Dd is now 7 and awesome. So it can be different every time. For me, I needed the peace of mind of a private scan...I just thought if I keep worrying that's not going to help... Follow your gut and what you think you can cope with. Hope everything goes well, it could all just be nerves too xx

LadyPug Tue 24-Oct-17 16:22:16

Omg Hullabaloo that’s awful, I’m so sorry to read this! Scarily, I had my early scan at around the same point, private one booked at around the same time and nhs one also at 13 weeks. I really hope it’s all ok :-(

Hulaballoo Tue 24-Oct-17 18:35:34

It's hard but just try and stay positive and know that until the scan there's not much you can do but try to stay busy...I found keeping busy was good so I didn't think about it too much helped. I'll be rooting for you and hope it's going to be ok 🍀🤞

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