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Planned C Sections - give me your stories please!

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emilyjayne1990 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:22:25

I'm having my 12 week scan on Thursday, then seeing the consultant straight after to discuss how I'll deliver.
I had a traumatic birth with my first baby 2 years ago and was adamant I couldn't have another child after that. Fast forward 2 years and I decided I do want another baby.
I'm very very anxious and starting to panic about the birth already.
So give me your planned section stories please - good and bad! I only know one person who had a planned section and she was up and about hoovering 2 weeks after! Although I'm not expecting that and fully aware it's a major operation!!

SheepyFun Sun 22-Oct-17 21:28:10

I had one for medical reasons (DD was transverse, and they don't come out sideways).

It was very calm and organised. It took about 20 mins from first cut to getting DD out; I've had a lot of abdominal surgery before, so they were being careful (though it went more smoothly than anticipated).

It did hurt afterwards, but painkillers made it bearable. I was advised by medical friends to take painkillers to a schedule, not to wait until I was in pain. I think this helped! I was discharged after 24 hours, which was fine for me (though it turned out DD had feeding issues).

When DD was 5 days old, the midwife was concerned (unnecessarily) about me having an infection, and asked me to go to the GP. DH took me (and DD) then parked. Afterwards he asked if I wanted him to fetch the car, which was about 200m away. I said I was fine and walked, but regretted it. However when DD was 13 days old, I walked a mile, pushing the pushchair myself - I'd been warned that week one would probably be unpleasant, and by the end of week two, I would feel a lot better. This proved to be the case.

Hope that reassures you.

DontbeaDickaboutit Sun 22-Oct-17 21:41:52

I had a long and difficult labour with DS, 40 hours of labour with an emergency section at the end, failure to progress and DS was struggling by the end. The whole thing was awful, in terms of recovery and experience.

3 years later I was pregnant with DC2, decided to opt for planned section. It was the most beautiful, calm, emotional experience of my life. I was “in the moment” and experienced the birth of my child. I often think about the moment in times of worry or despair as my “go to happy place” - it was amazing.

Breastfeeding can be hard after a section but doable, and you are limited in terms of mobility for I’d say a fortnight. But it was the right choice for me and the best way for me to manage the unpredictability of birth. DD’s birth put to bed a lot of the trauma from DS’s birth for me, and having a planned section enabled me to feel in control of the situation and plan for the aftermath. I was fully supported by the NHS throughout with the exception of a stupid quip from one midwife which was quickly put to bed by the anaesthetist. We went to a different hospital with DD to DS, I feel this was a key factor in the support we received. If we had remained with the hospital we had DS at, I strongly feel we would have been under pressure to try VBAC.

Follow your heart, do your research, know the facts and be prepared to fight. It might not be necessary but better to be prepared. I was driving at four week after DD, and successfully breastfeeding. The scar healed quickly and is practically invisible. The scar I had from my EMCS was gross, like a huge purple slug.. it took 16 weeks to heal after daily dressings when it came open at 4 weeks post op. I say this as this is something that can happen post section, it is big surgery, you don’t say if you did have a section first time?

TheLegendOfBeans Sun 22-Oct-17 21:45:08

Just had my second CS - surgery took longer this time than last as they had lots of scar tissue to get though but I am doing as well as I did last time recovery-wise... which is pretty good so far albeit a bit more tired.

The major difference this time was the afterpains on day 2. They were hideous but super brief and one dose of oramorph later I was fine.

Backhometothenorth Sun 22-Oct-17 21:47:29

Two planned sections here- both lovely, calm and uneventful and recovered quickly. Congratulations! flowers

letsdolunch321 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:48:20

My DD had a planned c-section (first baby) due to health reasons. I was her birthing partner - it was a good experience from start to finish the delivery took 20 mins. She was home in a day from hospital, felt sore for a few days, soon was up and about once home. I made sure she ate healthy & recovery time was good. Just don't over do it whilst recovering.

Good luck

Alexkate2468 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:56:50

Best experience of my life. I felt completely calm and in control and the moment my ds was passed to me was incredible. I held him while they stitched me so I don't even remember that happening. They tied him to me in a sling/pouch thingso I had immediate and prolonged skin to skin. Breast feeding was easier than with my vaginal birth.
I was sick afterwards and did have a few problems with low blood pressure but that resolved after a day. I was sore but pain killers provided enough relief. My scar is so neat and tidy and almost a year on, it's pretty faded. I'm kind of sad about that because I actually genuinely love my scar. Congrats and good luck OP

noseyjosey Sun 22-Oct-17 22:06:41

I’ve had 2.
First one was amazing. Didn’t feel anything, and was walking around the next day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody agony, but recovery really isn’t that big a deal for me.

Second one was less fun. Anaesthetic took forever to work. I was almost upside down on the table the whole way through, I could feel everything and it hurt. Thank god for gas and air (hadn’t needed it first time). Due to my other health conditions (which hopefully won’t apply to you) I was unwell afterwards, meaning I wasn’t as mobile, and recovery was initially slower. It picked up quickly though, and again I don’t think I needed 6 weeks.

Basically keep active, but don’t overdo it. So a little more each day, but rest between each activity.

cookiefiend Sun 22-Oct-17 22:08:50

I have had two- one planned, one emergency. Emergency was a rough recovery, probably because I had laboured for so long and had become quite unwell. (Though it wasn't painful really, painkillers covered it. I was just wiped out and weak- walking distances etc I really had to build up to).

I was a little nervous about the planned one, but actually it could have been more different. I felt great, quickly moved to just paracetamol/ ibuprofen and was home within 24 hours. Calm experience. Recovery was fine.

I know you may be anxious about recovery time etc, but in some ways though it is major surgery it is at least relatively predictable in terms of the injury you will sustain. Whereas I had friends who had natural births with injuries that were more complex to fix and with loads of pain afterwards. If you have already had a traumatic birth I suspect a c section will seem nice and "easy" - go for it.

LadyPug Sun 22-Oct-17 22:13:02

Hey emily no story at this end but in an identical boat! Traumatic birth 2 years ago, offered elective Caesarian and currently considering it before appt to discuss after 12 week scan. A friend had the same and had elective last week (she was v traumatised) and said she feels like it was a completely different (better) experience! I will be following this thread to hear people’s stories!

Trottersindependenttraders Sun 22-Oct-17 22:34:20

Emcs crash section after 72 hours on off labour and DD in distress. I found that a hard recovery both physically and mentally.

When pregnant with DC2 I decided I couldn’t risk going through the same again. I felt I didn’t have complete faith in my body to be able to deliver naturally so despite my consultants best efforts to persuade me otherwise, I requested a c-section which they accepted with little ‘argument’.

Section itself was a world away from dds traumatic arrival. Calm, quick, early skin to skin and lots of help establishing breast feeding. Something I didn’t manage with DD.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Go with your instinct, if you decide on a section it will be a totally different experience this time around.

irvineoneohone Mon 23-Oct-17 07:57:22

I had an emergency c-section. I really wish I had planned c-section instead in the first place.
The surgery itself went so smooth and recovery was fast enough.
Yes there is a risk of course, but if you prepare and be ready, c-section is a lot better sometimes, than long and difficult natural birth, for mother and baby, imo.

welshweasel Mon 23-Oct-17 08:04:14

I chose a planned section for my first birth. It was amazing, so calm and surprisingly quick. The baby is out in the first few minutes then it takes a while to sew you back up, but you don't care as you've got a baby to cuddle! I had the drapes lowered for the birth so got to see it all and DH took amazing photos of the whole process, from head popping out to after the delivery. He was taken away to be checked over briefly as he was 5 weeks early then brought back and placed on my chest. Skin to skin and BF in recovery before going back to the ward. I found the first few days painful but not unbearable, by day 5 I was walking to the pub and was back driving by the time DH went back to work after 2 weeks. Absolutely no regrets.

Oldschool41 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:04:22

I had an emergency c section 25 years ago it was tough as I was on labour 24 hours before they decided my son was breach and they needed to get him out. Personally it was horrible as I was out of it for a long time after he was delivered which I did not like but sadly it was an emergency. 21 years later I’m opting for a planned c section I’m 32 weeks and 6 days so should get my date on my next scan at 36 weeks 😀

MerryMarigold Mon 23-Oct-17 08:08:20

One word. Amazing. The recovery was NOTHING like after a difficult birth. I was walking the next day.

Only issue for me was booked in for first thing in am, so nothing to eat/ drink from 7pm night before, but they didn't operate until 2pm. I was starving, pregnant with twins. I did drink a bit. But tbh that discomfort comes nothing close too labour and third/ fourth degree tearing.

Tessermee Mon 23-Oct-17 08:27:33

Had a planned c section with my 2nd following a traumatic birth with my first and it was the best decision ever! The cs was so calm and I was in so much better state physically and mentally to look after the baby.
Although there was pain from the scar it was not a patch on the pain I had from episiotomy and forceps damage. Recovery was about 3-4 weeks where as it was about 6 months from the natural birth. Mentally I was in pieces first time around, physically exhausted from a very long labour and a baby that had reflux and didn't sleep without being held. It was so tough. Second time despite having a colicky baby that didn't feed well I was in a much better place mentally to deal with it.
I was sad for a while that I didn't get to have the "positive natural birth" experience I felt I should have had but after much debate with family and recommendation from my consultant I was so glad I had the cs. It was only the midwifes who were negative, pushing me towards a natural birth with only the trite reassurances of "it will be different this time" (no reasoning given).

demirose87 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:37:46

I've had four sections, one emergency , three planned. All was straight forward but recovery was very painful for about three days afterwards and then after that mild discomfort. My youngest is 4 weeks on Wednesday and my pain has gone, scar just feels a little bit tender when the area is touched. I admit I was up hoovering and doing stuff probably before I felt ready but with another three kids at home I found it impossible to just rest and I felt able to do things.

catchyjem Mon 23-Oct-17 08:48:06

I had a traumatic first birth so much so that I thought I’d never want to have any more children. I changed my mind after a few years then found myself pregnant with twins! I of course wanted a c section. I was consultant led due to twins but found they wouldn’t discuss birth until I was 34 weeks and I insisted we sort it out as I was getting stressed about it. They were very very reluctant to agree to a planned section. I really had to insist! So basically, be prepared to fight for it. It was the best decision ever for me, even though it didn’t go completely smoothly and I ended up losing a lot of blood and spending a day in HDU. I was discharged after 48 hours. It was painful once the epidural wore off but they give good painkillers and after a couple of days it wasn’t bad at all. I honestly suffered worse pain after my ‘natural’ birth.

emilyjayne1990 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:14:55

Wow thank you so much for all of your replies!
My natural birth, I was completely out of it and didn't have a clue what was going on, probably due to exhaustion and the drugs. So when he did finally arrive I can't really remember it and I feel I didn't bond properly with him. I had foreceps, the suction cup thing, they cut me and I tore. I should have had an emergency section but they didn't have time so basically had to pull him out.
I really really don't want to risk that happening again.
The pain after still makes my eyes want to water 😱😭
It took me a good two weeks to recover so I could do things, and I couldn't look after my baby like I should have been able to.
I think I'm really going to push for one. My friends who had emergency sections all say I'm crazy for wanting one but they've not actually had a 'natural birth' so I don't think they can really comment!
I'm quite prepared to take it easy for a week or so, hopefully my husband will be able to get extra time off work - fingers crossed!

Booboostwo Mon 23-Oct-17 11:53:44

I had two planned CSs, both calm and positive experiences. The baby was out and placed on my chest very quickly and then I chatted with the surgeon about his DC's school. I stayed in bed for 24hrs as my legs were numb for a bit longer than expected both times, and stayed in hospital 4 nights the first time and 3 nights the second time. I took all the painkillers offered and the only thing that hurt was trying to stand too soon the first time as well as the womb contractions. I breastfed both DCs straight away (DC2 in the recovery room). I was up and about relatively soon, e.g. I could carry DC2 in a sling when he was one week old, I could drive at three weeks, rode a horse at six weeks. I did have trouble carrying heavy things though so I was careful even with the shopping bags for a little while.

m1nkymop Tue 24-Oct-17 12:49:41

My friends who had emergency sections all say I'm crazy for wanting one but they've not actually had a 'natural birth' so I don't think they can really comment!

Please don't diminish other people's experiences.

I had a planned (24 hours notice) section for DD. She came out fine, I suffered a severe haemorrhage. It took three hours to sort out the bleeding. The spinal block, which couldn't be topped up lasts for two and a half hours. I ended up in high dependency.

With DS I laboured for 54 hours then had a crash section. He was born flat. No breathing, no moving, no crying. He had an Apgar of 1. I was fine and bloody dandy. He was on a ventilator fight for his life and having his brain frozen and a lumbar puncture and god knows what else. It's all a bit hazy for me what with the general anaesthetic, the enormous doses of morphine and the huge stress.

If you want a section you should ask for one but it's not an easy option.

emilyjayne1990 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:06:35

I'm not looking for an easy option. I'm looking for a bit of advice of what would be best after my experience of a natural birth which turned out to be the worst experience. Giving birth isn't easy, and there's no easy option.
I just 100% do not want to go through what I went through with my first.

JessieMcJessie Tue 24-Oct-17 23:28:21

M1nkymop OP was not diminishing the experiences of her friends who had emergency sections by saying they had not had natural births. He point was that her own so-called "natural birth" was traumatic and she was saying that if her c-section friends had been through the same experience they might think differently about how bad a c-section was by comparison.

Sorry you had such tough experiences yourself.

farfallarocks Tue 24-Oct-17 23:34:47

Just to offer a different view I had a tough birth with dd, ventoise, episiotomy, shoulder dystocia and had a planned c section for ds. The c section was fine if weird but the recovery was far worse for me than a tough vaginal both. Took months to feel normal

Luckybe40 Wed 25-Oct-17 02:38:35

I've had 2 planned c-sections, 1rst one was DS. DS was breech all the way through the pregnancy. I definitely did NOT want a c-section and even very seriously contemplated having a natural birth even though he was breech but I was persuaded by the doctors and midwives to have an elective section to increase the chance of a safe birth. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. We took a playlist of our favourite songs to listen to during the operation, the whole team was incredible. He was born safely and we got loads of amazing photos and videos. 2nd was DD, As I had had a previous section it was advisable to have another elective section. I was able to choose the day I wanted the section ( within a few days obviously) and again, fab experience. Very relaxed, chatting with the doctors, Both DC born healthy and smoothly and recovery was days. Pain totally manageable. I did feel poorly during my 2nd section but nothing too bad. My bits are completely intact, no tearing or scarring except a 3 inch scar below my pubic hair line which is now invisible. I have no regrets. Great births for me.

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