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7 weeks pregnant no heartbeat

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1Kellymcgee1 Sun 22-Oct-17 14:38:58

Hi I’m just wondering if anybody as ever had this before, I went for an early reassurance scan on Friday, in which they said I was showing 7wks 1day, they were struggling to find any fluttering of a heartbeat, but the sonographer was struggling also to get a clear enough image (I do have a larger bmi so I thought that could of been the problem), this was not an internal scan either it was a normal one? I’ve attached a pic and as you will see doesn’t look too clear thank you x

wowbutter Sun 22-Oct-17 14:45:13

The scan photos says 8w3d so if they are saying less to you, and no trace of a heartbeat, I wouldn't say it was good news.
I have had two early scans, and heartbeat seen at 7w2d each time.

1Kellymcgee1 Sun 22-Oct-17 15:06:31

This was a private scan so we’re the scan says 8wks 3days it’s because they have went by the estimated due date, x

MamaOfTwos Sun 22-Oct-17 15:37:23

The measurements are done crown to rump and may not be clear yet, however at my 7 week scans I've had a heartbeat showing clearly both times flowers

mindutopia Sun 22-Oct-17 16:09:21

At that stage, they should be doing an internal. Why didn't they do one? It's very hard to get a clear picture to detect heartbeat at that stage, particularly if you are larger or you need a poo or loads of reasons (in my case, they couldn't see one at 9 weeks because my bowel was in the way and I was constipated, I'm not especially big). They had to do an internal and they should have done one with you rather than take a wild guess. I would get re-scanned to check for heartbeat.

Oysterbabe Sun 22-Oct-17 16:18:45

I agree they should have done an internal at 7 weeks and if you have a high BMI. I'd get another scan.

Womble75 Sun 22-Oct-17 16:29:19

I had an early scan as I suffer from recurring mc's and these were always internal.
With DS I had a heartbeat at 6w 3days.
Can you ask your EPU to confirm for you?

DuRezidal Sun 22-Oct-17 16:43:33

I would recommend an internal scan at this point. They don’t usually do external ones accurately at 7 weeks!

Polly99 Sun 22-Oct-17 16:50:18

no heartbeat at +7 weeks is not a good sign generally.
But you do need an internal scan at that stage, particularly if you are not slim around the middle. If I were you I’d go to your local EPAU for a re-scan.

1Kellymcgee1 Sun 22-Oct-17 17:20:14

Thank u everyone that’s what I’m going to do xx

ChocolatePancake Sun 22-Oct-17 17:33:45

Private scanning companies very rarely do internal scans, most don't even equip the equipment for one.. however now NHS will likely give her one once they see private scan report.

I hope all is well OP flowers

user1499786242 Sun 22-Oct-17 18:57:01

When I went to epu with first pregnancy there was a heartbeat at 7 weeks and that was an external belly scan! I was very thin back then tho, healthy pregnancy etc

Last pregnancy I had a private scan at what I thought was 7 weeks and they could find a heartbeat,so they tried an internal scan and couldn't either , said I was measuring more like 5 weeks!
I went back two weeks later so would have been 7 weeks and she said there should definitely be a heartbeat at 7 weeks
That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage a few days later!

I really do think you should get an internal scan and that will be able to confirm either way!
Good luck and hope you're ok

1Kellymcgee1 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:20:24

Aww no, sorry Hun and thank you I’m at this min calling the hospital been waiting 40 mins to get through it’s annoying xx

AnUtterIdiot Sun 22-Oct-17 20:39:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BadPolicy Sun 22-Oct-17 22:24:55

Our local private scan company says although you can usually detect a heartbeat at 7 weeks, it's best to wait until 8 as you can be more sure. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

1Kellymcgee1 Sun 22-Oct-17 22:39:51

Thanks so much everyone xxx

KarateKitten Sun 22-Oct-17 22:45:00

I think you would always see a heartbeat at 7 weeks but people's dates can really be off by a week or so due to unknown exact timing of ovulation, conception and implantation. So even if you know your last period was on X and you only had sex on X date, you still might be a fair few days off.

I hope you get good news OP, all could be fine, but do prepare yourself.

1Kellymcgee1 Tue 24-Oct-17 21:14:52

Thank you everyone for your comments unfortunately I went for an internal scan to be told there was no heartbeat I’m so upset xx

Onefliesoverthecuckoosnest Tue 24-Oct-17 21:19:02

So Sorry Kelly; is someone with you for support? What are the next steps? I feel for you. I hope that you are

CammieKennaway Tue 24-Oct-17 21:36:03

Oh I'm so sorry sad
I lost 4 babies at between 4 and 9 weeks and it's devastating.
Sending you so much love xxxx

YerTiz Tue 24-Oct-17 21:38:36

So sorry flowers have been where you are, be kind to yourself.

1Kellymcgee1 Tue 24-Oct-17 21:44:50

Thank you, yes I go in for e-vac were they put u to sleep Friday I’m guttered! I have a lot of support around me 💔💔

Polly99 Wed 25-Oct-17 14:59:03

Kelly, I’m so sorry. It’s truly awful, I know. Take care.

user1499786242 Sun 29-Oct-17 19:19:09

So sorry to hear that! I wish I had gone to hospital rather than stayed at home! I'm so glad you have lots of support! X

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