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Maternity belt/support

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Flippertyjibbetty Sun 22-Oct-17 08:43:04

Starting to get quite heavy and uncomfortable. Any recommendations for bump support please?

lauramcd86 Sun 22-Oct-17 08:53:50

I bought a band style one in mothercare. Really wasn’t great! Suffered with pelvic girdle and physio recommended tubigrip. If you use a double layer really supports the bump and takes pressure off the back? Also great for keeping you warm in winter smile

user1491295468 Sun 22-Oct-17 09:10:14

I’ve been using this one and it’s made a big difference to back/pelvic pain

Flippertyjibbetty Sun 22-Oct-17 11:06:05

Thanks - lauramcd86, how does the tubigrip work? I've had a google and can't really work it out- is it the band stuff (like a dressing) or the whole thing that you pull up? Terrible explanation...

doodlejump1980 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:09:36

Ask your midwife to refer you to physio and they'll fit one properly for you. I had 4 different ones during my twin pregnancy for hip/bump support.

lauramcd86 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:26:21

Sorry I am so so so so bad at explaining!! Physio measures from under bust to below hips and doubled it. Kind of got into it like a skirt (worn higher) with the tubigrip doubled up. Lift your bump and then let the tubigrip take the weight (if that makes any sense at all!). She gave us loads of tips too if I can find the sheet I’ll send them on.... you just really need to watch your back as bump gets heavier and heavier!! Centre of gravity shifting all the time.

Flippertyjibbetty Sun 22-Oct-17 11:45:13

Thanks v much- I've started seeing a physio so will ask her!

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