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Am I being over dramatic?

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firsttimemum97 Sun 22-Oct-17 01:08:06

I'd had agonising back pain for 6 weeks until about 2 weeks when it moved onto my ribs. I have a constant feeling that something is popping/ twanging and it's accompanied by a sharp stabbing pain. I've been to the delivery suite to be checked over. They checked my blood pressure, monitored me and took my bloods. They said my iron was lower than usual but they couldn't find anything wrong. I'm to go back in a week if it's not any better. I can't help but think something is wrong as I'm in so much pain I can't breathe at times. I feel like no one believes the pain I'm in...

Foggymist Sun 22-Oct-17 04:15:52

Have you been to a physio/osteopath etc?

Oysterbabe Sun 22-Oct-17 07:02:33

How far along are you?

flumpybear Sun 22-Oct-17 07:14:18

Is the baby laying on a nerve or something? Have you asked your GP?

firsttimemum97 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:28:19

I've been to the maternity day unit, a and e and the delivery suite but they've not done thorough checks. I am going to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow. It is definitely too painful to ignore

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