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SPD/ PGP advice

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Elletwelve Sat 21-Oct-17 19:32:59

I've got SPD or PGP and 39 weeks now. The physio advised me between 38 and 40 weeks to do the ribbon test, to tie a ribbon / piece of string to show my pain free zone for labour.
Trouble is, I'm in pain sat with my legs closed....
anyone have any ideas on what to do?

I'm actually starting to get quite concerned about labour now as it's so sore, any tips? I've asked for a water birth (had the pool for my first who is 3) but just did gas and air, I'm worried about having anything stronger as I'll over extend and cause some more longer lasting damage but then again if I can't separate my legs much anyway, it's going to be hard getting this watermelon out!! shock

meltingmarshmallows Sat 21-Oct-17 21:39:11

Poor you, I’m 36w and despite physio mine is getting worse not better ... hoping the pool will help but am really worried about mobility in labour! X

Phryne Sun 22-Oct-17 07:50:15

I had PGP with my DD. I laboured with legs closed (curled up in a ball on my side in fact not the active water birth I'd pictured) then the midwife propped them open with a cushion for the birth (still on my side) so not wide and no pressure iyswim? Talk to your midwife about options and get DP on side as an advocate in case you do what I did and only get to the mlu when you're past talking...

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