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How can pregnancies be so different?

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MummyToASassy4yrOld Fri 20-Oct-17 22:23:47

Second baby in the way and boy do I feel different this time round!!

Nausea from week 5. Still trying to throw up at now week 10. No one ever told me that brushing your teeth is like a military operation or taking pregnancy vitamins!

Not to mention spotting early on and the aches and pains.

Can't believe I had none of this with my first, come to think of it she was a breeze. Slightly nausea but NOTHING compared to this one!
I know they say no pregnancy is this same and I take the rough with the smooth. I mean I have got a gorgeous little strawberry living inside of me and I'm more than happy with that but.. Not too sure how long I can take if the sickness. I'm praying that it subsides in the second trimester.. Just counting down the weeks.

Any other mummies in the same position as myself? Be nice to know it's not just me!

Sarahpall Fri 20-Oct-17 22:33:09

Yes I'm finding my 2nd pregnancy hard work, harder than I thought.
Some things have felt similar, like feeling sick all the time but not actually.
I think having your your first one to look after at the same time instead of just yourself is hard work in it's self.
Hopefully the second trimester will be better for us.

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