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Obstetric cholestasis - how and when did it start for you?

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mindutopia Fri 20-Oct-17 14:27:48

Those have had OC, how and when did it start for you? I'm 23 weeks with my 2nd (1st pregnancy was perfectly straightforward and uneventful).

Three days ago, I noticed a round flat red spot on my wrist. It didn't itch at first, just looked odd and out of place, but it started to itch yesterday. Last night, as I was getting ready to go upstairs to bed, I was sitting at my computer finishng a few emails and noticed my right upper arm was itchy (same arm as this bit on my wrist). I looked at it and is a red patch with about 4 hives on it. The same seemed to pop up on my upper left arm around the same time. Whether the hives or the itching came first I don't know. It's possible I've itched it and caused the rash without realising. I woke up this morning feeling like one of my palms was itchy, but no rash. It could totally just be me overthinking it though (it's not itchy anymore). The itchy on my wrist and two upper arms continues, the rash is still there.

It's entirely possible this is just an allergic reaction to something and I know it's a little early for OC with most cases popping up later. But I'm already feeling a bit miserable about it and wondering if I should be more concerned than I am. I'll call the midwives next week if it's still there or getting worse (my understanding is there isn't much they would do at this point anyway other than keep an eye on it).But for those who had OC, when did it start for you? And how did it start? Did it seem like patchy hives at first or was it immediately all over?

Cruze Fri 20-Oct-17 19:10:17

Hi OP I was one of those really lucky women who not only got OC but I also got PUPPS (in both pregnancies). Your symptoms don't sound like OC but more PUPPs as OC doesn't have any marks.

PUPPS had hive like marks, the marks were throughout my body from chest to knees. But started on my lower back.

My itching for OC started on my palms and feet before moving elsewhere, never my upper arms though .

Don't take what I'm saying, as this is just my experience, OC is very very easily diagnosed with a liver function test. Make sure you go to your maternity unit and get checked over, insist on the liver function blood test and ask to see a dermatologist. I wouldn't wait either, I had very very strict instructions to contact the unit the second I started itching during my second pregnancy. This happened on a Saturday night, I waited until the Monday and my consultant wasn't impressed at all. She really did have a go at me

It's best to get diagnosed and treated sooner rather than later as the OC medication took nearly a week before it started relieving my itching.

For the PUPPS I was given various creams and things and took a lot of oat baths. Just a thought though, some of the literature discussing who gets PUPPS say it's more likely to occur when pregnant with a boy and you have stretch marks. I had two girls and zero stretch marks so don't always believe what things say. & don't get dismissed by the hospital because you don't 'fit the mould'.

Nothing really helped though until I was induced at 37 weeks. I was miserable, Sorry). Fingers crossed it's a minor allergy or something because I wouldn't wish these on anyone.

My PUPPS started at around week 18 and OC in pregnancy 1 at around week 25 and pregnancy 2 week 22.

Good luck.

TeaandHobnobs Fri 20-Oct-17 19:14:57

I had OC, although it wasn't actually diagnosed until right at the end. I was "a bit itchy", usually in the evenings on my arms and back, from about 36 or 37 weeks. I assumed that you'd be clawing your skin if the itching was something to worry about, rather than just feeling a bit irritatingly itchy.
Because of that (as it turns out incorrect) assumption, it wasn't picked up until my MW appointment at 40+4, when she asked if my bump was itchy (because of my stretch marks), and I said "well, I've been a bit itchy all over actually". Straight off to maternity unit, bloods taken, found to be off the scale, so I was induced. Baby born 8 hours later.

I never had any marks though, so I suspect this might not be OC? I think you should see someone about it - it is not worth feeling miserable over, especially if there is something that can be done to help.

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