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JuJu2017 Fri 20-Oct-17 12:10:56

Hi all, I'm a little confused and not sure at all what to do! I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I don't know if I'm developing pre-eclampsia.
At 28 weeks, I had my midwife appt and my normally perfect bp of 110/79 had gone up to 140/100 and there was protein ++ in my urine. My midwife sent me up to the triage unit where I was hooked up to the monitor, lay down and told my bp was showing as perfect (it was). Blood tests didn't show any damage to my kidney/liver function. The next day, I had a consultant appointment (already booked due to unexplained bleeding) and my bp was slightly high again - this time 140/94, but there was no protein in my wee! The doc asked about any other weird symptoms I had and I said I had a migraine and he sent me back around to the day unit for another review because of my bp, symptoms, and the fact one of my blood results (not sure which one) had apparently been sightly high. The day unit midwives were not pleased to see me again at all, sticking me in a cubicle and leaving me there and saying the doc should have sent me to a&e if he was concerned about a headache. Bp was showing as fine when they lay me down for a bit beforehand, too. I felt so stupid.
Fast forward to now, and my face has started to swell up randomly on one side and I feel really groggy - dizzy and just generally not well but I can't explain why! I went to my GP thinking it might be an allergic reaction with it being just one area, and she checked my bp (141/90 sitting and 139/94 lying down), dipped my urine (protein ++) again and told me to go up to the day unit because she suspects pre-eclampsia!
How do I go up there again knowing they don't want to see me and everything is fine from their perspective? I feel like I'd just be wasting their time again! I feel rotten, but I don't know what it is or what to do! I don't want t be a time waster.

Starwhisperer Fri 20-Oct-17 12:18:03

I was told that technically pre-eclampsia us high BP and protein in urine so technically you do have it.
I carried on like this for 6 weeks, spending bloody hours on the labour ward after every hospital appointment for BP monitoring and blood tests.
The blood tests never showed anything worrying.
Eventually at 35 weeks they admitted me and put me on BP medication. I stayed on the ward for over a week with twice daily traces on the babies and blood pressure checks every 4 hours.
At 36 weeks the delivered them early as my Dr decided the benefits no longer outweighed the risks of keeping babies inside.
I'm surprised at the midwives who dealt with you though, they were always very sympathetic to me. It's hardly your fault that the Dr decided you should be monitored.

Starwhisperer Fri 20-Oct-17 12:20:43

Ps I meant to say do go to the hospital. Preeclampsia can get very bad very quickly. You have lots of signs.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 20-Oct-17 12:22:05

Go and get checked out and do NOT be fobbed off. PE can creep up very slowly and before you realise it you are very ill. Mine started at 26 weeks and ds was delivered at 32 and I spent most of that time in and out of hospital in the EPU and admitted overnight for monitoring. Please get seen,you should be very carefully monitored.

JuJu2017 Fri 20-Oct-17 12:45:11

Thank you for your replies and I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experiences with PE! I am just feeling a little scared of going up there given how they reacted to me coming in last time - they really did not want to see me there and made me feel like an attention seeker - but my husband is adamant we go for a check up. My doctor has even written me a letter to give to them to show that she's the one who is concerned and has sent me up because I was so worried about going up and wasting their time again.

Starwhisperer Fri 20-Oct-17 13:03:38

There will be a different shift of midwives on, you may get a lovely one this time! I got the impression at my hospital that they are permanently understaffed but you have a genuine medical need and are not wasting their time. You need to go.

Boringnamechange1 Fri 20-Oct-17 14:51:22

Please do not get fobbed off! I had severe pre eclampsia 5 months ago and developed HELLP. I had no symptoms at all, had protein in my urine so as a pre caution MW referred me to the maternity unit the following morning. Blood pressure was normal, I felt fine and baby was fine after being monitored so was told to go home as they weren't worried but would call me if anything showed up in my blood tests. I was home for about 20 minutes when they phoned me to go back in and I was induced there and then. By the time I got to the labour suite I suddenly started to swell and my blood pressure shot up. Luckily I was 37 weeks so although small my baby was healthy but I was told afterwards that we were both lucky to be alive. If I'd been left any longer it could have been a different outcome as they are unsure whether it was the shock and stress of unexpectedly being induced that brought my symptoms on suddenly. I was very ill and in hospital for over a week and had to have blood transfusions. I feel sick whenever I see one of these threads as I never for one second suspected I would have it and you seem to be displaying a lot of symptoms. I'm sorry that the staff made you feel like that, the staff where I was were lovely and always said they would rather see someone than them worrying at home. Try not to let their attitude put you off and get seen. I hope everything is okflowers

0hT00dles Fri 20-Oct-17 15:13:58

During pregnancy I always have a raised BP. I am on the watchlist for PE and even though I’ve never had Protein in my urine, they always send me to be monitored. Ive been told under no circumstances am I to take chances and when I feel any other symptom-no matter how big or small, I’m to take myself straight in. Ignore those MW’s. Your health and the health of your unborn baby is more important. You seem to be getting symptoms so please don’t ignore them. On my first pregnancy, every single midwife appt would result in me getting sent to the day ward. Bring a book. Get some relaxing time in before the baby comes (although I found it so not relaxing but a good chance to read!!) look after yourself. Listen to your doctor and dh!!!

Feelingmumsyinmorewaysthanone Fri 20-Oct-17 15:18:34

Please don’t feel bad for checking. I developed bad PE within a matter of hours. Unbeknown to me I had it a few weeks but hasn’t had an appointment until 35 weeks check. By the time I left my midwife to her to hospital my hands and face were swollen. I delivered my baby by c section about 6 hours later. You should always be safe and check it out! Looking back I did have a few headaches and shortness of breath walking but thought that was normal. Second time around I was on the ball and has PR again but they had me in for checks a lot.

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