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11 weeks - symptoms vanished

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heatherxo Fri 20-Oct-17 09:48:08

I had terrible sickness and heartburn which has just vanished! (Not entirely complaining) but I am a little worried.
2nd pregnancy.... 1st I was expecting twins but one passed around 12 weeks and I'm just terrified that something is going wrong again...
I'm still really tired and sore boobs but I'm now convincing myself that the worst has happened.. I'm driving myself insane sad

Freddiewinifred10 Fri 20-Oct-17 09:54:12

In both of my first two pregnancies my symptoms went by eleven weeks. I couldn't believe it. All was fine with babies, I think some people are just lucky. Try not to worry. Your scan must be pretty soon?

heatherxo Fri 20-Oct-17 09:58:11

My scan is in 2 weeks. I'm just terrified with finding out at 12 weeks last time that one of my babies had passed sad
I think I need something else to obsess over! Haha

PipsM Fri 20-Oct-17 10:14:23

Hi I'm exactly the same- your post has reassured me! Sorry to hear about your loss last time.
I'm 11+2 today and my nausea symptoms vanished two days ago. I freaked out a bit but then read up on it and it seems to be the time that the placenta takes over so fingers crossed all is ok.
We are on holiday in Greece so I did wonder if it was because I'm relaxed and actually sleeping 12 hours a day!!!
Boobs are still sore though and I'm hungry all the time- thank goodness for all inclusive food!!!
Cannot wait for scan on 31st!

TerrifyingFeistyCupcake Fri 20-Oct-17 10:17:23

11 weeks is about when your placenta kicks in. Totally normal.

The sickness frequently comes back for a (worse) last hurrah between 12-14 weeks.

mindutopia Fri 20-Oct-17 11:13:28

More than likely everything is fine. With my first my symptoms were pretty much gone by 10 weeks. With this one, they got a bit better around maybe 11 weeks, but then I had a resurgence around 12 weeks and 12-13 weeks I felt awful (probably my worst nausea) and then it slowly subsided after that.

I understand the anxiety though. I found out about my mc (pregnancy before this one) at a private scan at 8 weeks. I felt really nervous until I got passed that point again. More than likely all is well, but I know it's hard.

ChocolatePancake Fri 20-Oct-17 14:04:56

Sounds like you've already left the nasties of first trimester behind you! Always scary when it happens, but it's normal flowers

Misssmoo Fri 20-Oct-17 14:12:44

I'm 10 +and have been ill with HG I was put in medication and today I've been fine with none in worries sick... I had a MMC earlier in the year xx

heatherxo Sat 21-Oct-17 09:06:56

Thanks for all the reassurance ladies. And congrats to all who are pregnant flowers

After all the worrying, I got my trusty old doppler out (I know it's not recommended) and found babies heart beat (after ages of only getting my own and starting to worry myself more!)

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