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West Middlesex Maternity - self referral

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allisbright Thu 19-Oct-17 11:35:56

I self-referred to the maternity unit at West Middlesex Hospital three weeks ago. I am yet to receive any communication from the midwives regarding a booking in appointment and am now seven weeks’ pregnant. Has anyone recently self-referred there? How long did it take to hear from them? At what stage of pregnancy did you have your booking appointment?

I had my first child there 18 months ago and recall receiving my booking appointment much quicker and attending the appointment at 8 weeks. I imagine they are under increasing pressure, but wanted to ascertain if this wait was normal.

ibuiltahomeforyou Thu 19-Oct-17 11:58:42

It’s definitely worth chasing, they didn’t send me a letter so I was fairly far gone before I had the booking appt.

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