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Calling all who have fell pregnant straight after miscarriage ...

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LJFM2B Thu 19-Oct-17 09:59:13

Calling all who have fell pregnant straight after miscarriage ...

I'm desperately trying to work out a rough due date but coming up with 7 or 9 weeks and am hoping to get more advice.

How did they measure your due date if you had no period in between your miscarriage? Xxx

mindutopia Thu 19-Oct-17 10:05:01

They will need to do a scan to know for sure. If you are 7-9 weeks, you think, you can get a private scan done. Otherwise, I would aim for your 12 week scan around the time when you think you'll be 12 weeks and they can date you then. It's unlikely you'd get an early NHS scan just because you don't know your dates, but you never know, and it might be worth asking, especially if you want the nuchal scan and you need your dates for that.

yellowfrontdoor Thu 19-Oct-17 10:06:00

I had to go for an early dating scan. If I’d have taken the mc as my LMP I would’ve been around 8 weeks but when I was scanned I was around 5 weeks.

Congratulations & good luck for the rest of your pregnancy flowers

mindutopia Thu 19-Oct-17 10:06:43

Congrats on your pregnancy though! I didn't fall pregnant before getting a period (got one period after my mc and then we started trying). Frankly, I needed a break and to drink a lot of prosecco for a month. But I was pregnant that next month and am now 23 weeks. It's been a really lovely and straightforward and very healing pregnancy. Hope it's the same for you.

MagicMoneyTree Thu 19-Oct-17 12:31:43

I had an early NHS scan because I didn’t know my dates. I actually sort of did because I had just stopped breastfeeding and fell pregnant before my first period arrived, so I told the midwife at my booking appt I had a rough idea but was sent for an early scan at 8ish weeks anyway, then had the standard dating scan at 12 weeks.

fishfingerSarnies Thu 19-Oct-17 13:40:21

Its probably different because mine was only a chemical pregnancy (6 weeks) so I just counted the first day I started bleeding as the first day of my cycle I ovulated later than I usually do but concived right away my dates were pretty much bang on.

Josieannathe2nd Thu 19-Oct-17 13:43:10

I just waited till my 12 week scan. I did try and convince the NHS midwife I should have an early scan but she wasn't persuaded. I found it a worrying pregnancy but loved it once I could feel baby moving.

Freddiewinifred10 Thu 19-Oct-17 15:01:53

I gave the date of the first day of misc, instead of period. I was scanned early at 7 weeks. According to their scan measurements, i was was only two days out.

buttwingsham Thu 19-Oct-17 15:04:36

I've got pregnant straight away after the two miscarriages. I had an early scan as I hadn't had a scan after the miscarriages and they wanted to check I hadn't lost a twin and one was still there.
It wasn't the case either time and both continued to be successful pregnancies.
Congratulations flowers

TippetyTapWriter Thu 19-Oct-17 15:22:50

The gp referred me for an early dating scan as I had no LMP date and they needed a rough idea to time the booking in appointment right. Had a scan that showed I was only 5 weeks and had another a couple of weeks later when there was more to see so they could get a better estimate. Estimated due date changed again at my 12 week dating scan.

CL1982 Thu 19-Oct-17 19:50:51

You can. I was temping so knew when I had ovulated but yes... how far on was the mc?

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