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Experiences of perinatal mental health support

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HopefulGardener Wed 18-Oct-17 16:01:15


I'm wondering if anyone would be happy to share their experience of perinatal mental health teams? I was referred by my GP just over a month ago regarding anxiety that ramped up a lot since I found out I was pregnant and is now fixated around my pregnancy (specifically something going wrong with it).

Since the GP referral I have had a brief phone call with someone who confirmed that I would be given a counselling appointment but nothing has happened since then. I have no idea what would be a normal waiting time for this sort of service?

I'm really keen to get some support, especially as I am not having a great experience with my pregnancy care at my hospital generally, which is adding to my anxiety.

Have people had good experiences of perinatal mental health support? Did you have to wait long for an appointment?

Lulublu Wed 18-Oct-17 16:42:53

Sorry you are going through this. Frustratingly I imagine the help available varies by area. I was referred about 5 weeks ago to our local mental health midwife and she has been to my house twice to discuss help available. She also suggested I try online CBT (all typed... so not Skype) - the normal waiting list is 6 months but I received an appointment within a week as they fast track you if you are pregnant. I'm in the south east. The CBT is a separate service to the mental health midwife (I.e. Is available to anyone suffering mental health issues, not just pregnant women). It may be worth seeing if there is a similar service in your area. I hope you find the help you need.

user1484167681 Wed 18-Oct-17 16:48:04

Are you in London? I have a list of numbers to call, one per council I think it was, which I can upload if that would help?

I contacted the local one, had a half hour assessment over the phone two weeks later, and they've said they'll get back to me within another two weeks with a suggested course of action (either CBT or counselling). This is my first (and hopefully last!) foray into mental health support, so that's all I can say so far, I'm afraid. Best of luck smile

Also, you may be able to switch hospitals- if that would help. I've just done that recently too, although not because of anything related to MH.

Sparky888 Fri 20-Oct-17 19:01:10

I'd call back to your GP and /or the person you did speak to and ask th for something sooner/soon. I don't think it should take that long if you're pregnant, they should prioritise you. Many NHS Trusts now have a specific perinatal MH nurse, I'd ask if they have one. I have a friend who has had bad anxiety is each pregnancy, so support asap during that time is really important. It's supposed to be being better recognised now.
(In case it helps, her anxiety usually focuses on the pregnancy, and then really reduces again some time after he baby is born each time).

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