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Hyperemisis Advice Needed

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Jenniferb21 Tue 17-Oct-17 21:29:29

Hi I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has been through similar circumstances or for whatever reason can help me determine my next steps.

I've been diagnosed with hyperemisis and I'm about 10 weeks pregnant. My last pregnancy (my little boy is 18 months) was different to this as although I was sick multiple times a day it was usually only the morning and this time I have the constant feeling of sickness and for hours I feel like I am on the verge of being sick. If I eat anything I'm usually sick about 1-2 hours after so I'm having cup of soups and ice lollies only most days. When I try to eat a small meal I'm sick and it's horrendous being sick after eating normal food.

I'm struggling with everyday tasks like I can't handle the smell of my little boy and especially can't change his nappies without being sick or nearly being sick. I can't handle any smells like cooking perfumes home fragrance or anything remotely strong. Even having a shower is awful using the most bland soap even makes me
Sick and washing my hair makes me
Throw up. I have headaches and feel exhausted. I'm usually sick between 5-10 times per day.

I've lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks my doctor has given me two types of anti emetics which at first seemed to stop the actually vomiting but I still felt sick. I'm taking them in the same way and quantity as last week but I'm still being sick. I can generally drink quite a bit of water ice cold with lemon but my
Gp said last week my
Ketones level was plus1.

My employers have been horrendous. The MD actually said I am not unwell I'm pregnant and I should get on with it and told people at work I'm pregnant when I wasn't ready to announce it I know they probably said I've got morning sickness so have had 2 days off work to other colleagues who probably think I'm overreacting. The HR manager asked how I was feeling then sighed and said well it's all normal pregnancy stuff and smiled. I
Said no it isn't and asked if she hadn't read the information on hyperemisis I sent over. She obviously hadn't.

I feel like I can't cope. I don't know if my ketones will be worse than last week as I'm managing ice lollies and sips of water but I feel like I can't go on like this. I have a two hour commute to work and it's a customer facing managerial role so high pressured and I can't easily run to be sick whenever I need to so my anxiety is through the roof. I'm also just exhausted and have chapped lips and headaches.

Do I go back to my gp? I'm worried they'll just say there's nothing more they can do.
Do I get signed off work and struggle financially for a while? I only get statutory sick pay. I feel like I need to go to hospital to be hydrated but would dread being away from my family and my gp said my ketone level would usually need to be 3-4 before he'd admit me.

I don't know how I can carry on like I am.

Thank you for reading such a long post I really appreciate your advice.

DeadDoorpost Tue 17-Oct-17 23:43:22

We've got a support group here if you'd like to join? I'm 35 weeks and suffering and there's a fair amount of us. You'll definitely feel was alone and we're all willing to answer and help as much as possible

DeadDoorpost Tue 17-Oct-17 23:50:06

Basics though: you can definitely go into the hospital and get fluids. Explain how you feel. Some would rather test your ketones, others have no concerns and put you straight in. You can also request stronger meds. Mine would wear off after a week until ondansetron got given to me. Sometimes you need a concoction of them. If you're taking pregnancare tablets stop and just take folic acid and vit d ones as the iron makes it a hell of a lot worse for us all.
As long as you're doing your best re fluids then hopefully you'll be able to keep more down soon. At 10 weeks I remember I could barely stand anything and smells really would set me off. It wore off though a few weeks later thankfully.

As for your employers, you need to let them know 100% that Hyperemesis is not usual morning sickness and is horribly debilitating. I myself lost 2.5 stone in 7 weeks because I physically couldn't keep food or drink down. There are others on the thread above who have had to be signed off work for weeks or months at a time and will be able to give you much better advice on how to talk and get it sorted.

Mustang27 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:08:27

Your employers are scumbags honestly what a disgrace. Glad Deaddoorpost found you come over to the thread. They really are the best bunch and you will get loads of advice. Im a sahm at the mo and so glad iv not had work to deal with second (final) time around.

NerNerNerNerBATMAN Wed 18-Oct-17 07:40:14

Sorry you're suffering OP. I second Mustang and Dead and say come over and join us on the HG thread.

Your employer is out of order. Do you have an occupational health department or a trade union rep you can go to for support?

I've been signed off for a few weeks until I found the right combination of meds. There is always something else your GP can do to help. I had a good cry at mine yesterday as my meds had stopped working and they've now prescribed ondansetron + cyclazine. I'm feeling a little better already.


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