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Can i ask tor induction

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firsttimemum889 Tue 17-Oct-17 21:17:46

I am 38 weeks pregnant and have severe itcing is so bad at night that i can not sleep ! Blood tests for OC have been coming back negative since 34 weeks !
I never asked for nimbers so i dont know what the bile acids are ! I am
Mizerable i cant take this any longer can i ask for an induction based in this ?? Is there any chance is cholestasis but it doesnt show on blood tests ?

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 17-Oct-17 21:53:20

I doubt it. I had the same and got induced at 42 weeks. Itching is common unfortunately.

Moaningmyrtle92 Wed 18-Oct-17 01:31:56

I had the same issue, I was monitored closely and had blood tests every week for months. I am now 36weeks pregnant and got diagnosed with OC last week.
I find it irritating how they seem to think everything is black and white, two of my blood results were completely normal and two were raised and the consultant kept telling me it was not OC. I challenged this and pushed for treatment as I couldn’t cope any longer with the itching. I have aqueas menthol cream and take piriton every 6hours.. and as of last week I started on the OC medication treatment that has helped considerably. In the mean time, but yourself some soft blankets, I lay on one and have the other over me so the quilt doesn’t touch my skin. Buy yourself some baggy, comfortable pjs and try not to get too hot. I sleep with a fan on. All I’d say is you know your body and when people tell you that itching is normal in pregnancy, I disagree to the point where it’s causing distress! I really feel for you, it’s been hell for me.
You need to speak to your midwife, or your consultant and push for what you feel is right. Do your research and present to them what you find.. sometimes the guidelines the midwives and doctors have to follow are ridiculous.. not every person and every diagnoses is going to be the same.

EdgarAllenPoe Wed 18-Oct-17 15:12:41

I had the exact same issue. Horrendous rash from 36 weeks, kept getting bile acids etc tested but never quite high enough to act upon. It was horrendous but they wouldn't induce just for that. What you can demand is some actual treatment for the rash, I ended up at my gps in tears at 39 weeks because I could not sleep and all midwives suggested was e45 which did nothing! He finally prescribed steroid cream to be used sparingly, which really helped and calamine lotion for the rest of the time. Finally delivered at 41 weeks and it went away almost instantly, although I did have all over body dandruff for a while!

flowersWB Wed 18-Oct-17 15:36:52

I had that rash, it was truly awful. But no they wont induce you for that alone. It's probably the pupps rash if you want to google it. Lots of possible ways to relieve it. Pine tar soap from amazon helped me a fair bit, as did wading in the sea (I live 2 streets from the beach)

Moaningmyrtle92 Wed 18-Oct-17 16:12:32

I didn’t have a rash at all.. OC doesn’t tend to have a rash.. if you do then it’s most likely Pupps and they won’t induce for that as it’s nothing of any danger to the baby or yourself x

firsttimemum889 Thu 19-Oct-17 13:17:11

I jave some kind of “rush” so at least i am bit more relaxed that is not oc now! Not sure if its pupps either tbh i am
Thinking is some kind of eczema as there are small moscito like marks and some
Very small blisters( added pic sorry) ! The thing is that i never had any skin issues or allergies in my life can this be just because of pregnancy ? I have been calling my midwife but as usual no response no gp appoitments either i feel a bit silly calling the MDAU for this ? What can they do ? ! I was crying last night from all the itching ! I got maybe 2 hours of sleep ! Am only 38+3 i dont think i will stay sane if i go beyond 40 weeks

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