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bluees Tue 17-Oct-17 11:43:09

Hi all. I am approximate 8 weeks preg today. On 4th oct i had pain at lower right abdomen. Went to hospital. They scanned and confirmed its not ectopic pregnancy so probably stretching pains. They could see sac present with mean 3.5mm.
Since Sunday 15th oct i am bleeding with pains (on n off) went to hospital again today. Forced to be scanned as they didnot want. Anyways. Dr said sac is still present but its empty still but it has grown from 3.5mm to 6mm now. I already have 12 weeks scan booked for 15nov. Dr said keep that appointment and let it scan. If they could see anything. Its fine. Else come back and we will clear the sac.
I am so confused now. What should i do. Think 💭 that i have miscarriage or be happy that it might be funny but healthy pregnancy.
Anyone had similar experience.

EastDulwichWife Tue 17-Oct-17 11:49:02

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time getting answers. It's such an anxious time. There is little to do but wait and see. Id be inclined to visit the EPU in a weeks time, as by 9 weeks you should be able to see a bit more.

Could you be wrong about your dates?

bluees Tue 17-Oct-17 13:28:32

Probably. I can be wrong about dates as i was on bill. Stopped pill on 21st August. Never had period. Checked with clear blue preg test on 27th sept. It showed me preg 1/2 weeks. Dr estimated me 3/4 weeks. So according to dr i could be 7/8 weeks. If i take clear blue 1/2 weeks as true. I can be 4/5 weeks pregnant 😒 but bleeding is not understandable.

engineeringmummy Fri 20-Oct-17 00:35:05

I am not sure if this helps you at all. When I had my 8 week scan it was very unclear. They could confirm there was a baby but they couldn't do any checks. They told me it was perfectly normal this early to have unclear images and to return at 12 weeks. It was a confusing 4 weeks but eventually everything turned out to be just fine. I think it is a very different situation but I emphasise with how confused you must be and your want for answers quickly. Hopefully, the dr is right in that they will have a much better image to work with by the next scan!

butterflycatcher Fri 20-Oct-17 07:09:31

Clear blue dates you from time of conception. Doctor will be dating you from the first day of last period, hence two-three week difference between the two.

bluees Fri 20-Oct-17 20:47:31

Unfortunately I miscarriage. Feeling guilty as I believe this is all my fault. I could have been more careful. This is second miscarriage in the same year.

bluees Fri 20-Oct-17 20:49:05

On Wednesday, I passed sac. Means pregnancy finished ☹️ feeling bad. But i know have to accept reality

Mustang27 Fri 20-Oct-17 21:00:55

I am so Sorry about for both your losses this year but please don’t blame yourself as there is so little you can do to prevent a miscarriage. Massive hugs and good luck for when you feel like trying again flowers.

engineeringmummy Sat 21-Oct-17 00:17:46

Really sorry to hear this. But as Mustang27 points out. Please don't blame yourself. Most are unexplainable and unpreventable.

bluees Sun 22-Oct-17 22:38:01

Thanks ladies for support. Much needed X

WhyWouldYouThinkThat Sun 22-Oct-17 22:47:35

I'm sorry you had a miscarriage. You mustn't blame yourself in anyway. It's very normal to have a miscarriage. Hope you are feeling ok. thanks

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