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Lost my appetite

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Lisalou07 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:37:54


I’ve recently just found out that I’m pregnant with my first child. I’m super sleepy and have horrible heartburn. I’ve also lost my appetite, everything I try and eat, I take two mouthfuls and I almost throw up. I don’t want myself or my baby ill, but I’m finding it hard to keep any food down or get past the nausea. I’ve tried eating dry food, like toast etc, but I’m getting more and more hungry and I seem to eat anything. Any suggestions would be great!

Lisa x

DeadDoorpost Tue 17-Oct-17 12:34:28

I had serious Hyperemesis at the beginning and physically couldn't keep anything down without anti sickness meds. Trust me when I say it's not affected the growth of the baby at all. They'll be fine and take all the nutrients they need from you first. Sleep as much as you can and if for whatever reason the sickness doesn't get better or you still struggle to eat anything then phone your GP up and ask for advise.
With the heartburn, grab some Rennie tablets or Gaviscon and it should help.
With foods, I found personally that I could keep greasy food down better than dry foods but that's often not the case. Have you tried different fruits, crackers, crisps, raw veg? At this stage I'd be experimenting to see what works best as at the end of the day, diet has to go out the window if you can keep certain foods down (so a load of carbs for me) because it's better to find something you can eat than starve or throw it all up. And please don't feel guilty because you're body is getting used to something new and it can take a while. I'm 35 weeks and I'm still battling food aversions and weight loss that I can't control (but not affecting baby) flowers

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