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Week 5 cramping

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KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 10:38:22


I am 5 weeks 4 days and have been having some mild cramps but last night I had a very painful quite intense cramp for about 5 mins.

No bleeding and I went straight back to sleep after and have not had anything like that happen since but am worried.

Any one else experienced this?

Am on progesterone due to us having ivf which does cause very bad trapped wind but this felt more like a period cramp than that.

MrsFletcher Tue 17-Oct-17 10:42:06

I'm in the exact same boat. Happened one night a week or so ago. Felt awful. I've asked and apparently if there's no bleeding and the pain has stopped then carry on as normal. I haven't had it to the same extent since. Fingers crossed for us both,

KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 10:50:21

Thank you!

I feel normal today, boobs still sore, tummy still kinda icky but it's so hard not to worry about these things.

Have an 8 week scan on Nov the 3rd so will have to hold out till then.

Good luck MrsFletcher

MrsFletcher Tue 17-Oct-17 11:00:00

Thank you. Are you having an NHS one or a private one at 8 weeks, if you don't mind my asking? I was thinking of having a private one if the NHS wants to leave it until 12 weeks.

KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 11:05:21

Private as we had to have private ivf and it's part of that. I probably would have paid as I'm so desperate to know everything is ok.

still feel sick this morning so am taking that as a positive!

CrmbleBee Tue 17-Oct-17 11:17:33

I'm sure it's all fine. smile I'll book an 8 week scan too, I think. It's very nerve-wracking with all the waiting!

lightcola Tue 17-Oct-17 11:31:39

I had cramping during the first trimester with both of mine. It is worrying, however very common. Just keep an eye on things but try not to worry too much. Hot water bottles will help.

KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 11:38:32

Thank you!

I want to just enjoy being pregnant but it's so hard to not worry. I was ok with the mild cramping and then one bad cramp for 5 mins and I'm terrified again.

Arlington77 Tue 17-Oct-17 12:31:23

Hi girls, hope it's ok to jump in because I'm just into week 6 after IVF too... so good to know I'm not the only one! Everyone says the 2ww is the hardest but honestly I'm finding these weeks before the first scan (mine is in 2 weeks) REALLY hard... I just keep thinking, what if they find nothing?? what if they find an empty sac? what if there is no heartbeat? It's terrifying.
Also - are we really 2 weeks ahead of natural conception? Like, it's 4 weeks since the embryo transfer but does that really mean I'm 6 weeks?
It's all terrifying. Obviously it's a dream come true (we had several failed rounds of IVF and were starting to give up hope) but blimey this bit is scary.
Then again, I googled 'disbelief in early pregnancy' and it's definitely quite common!
Hope everyone (IVF and natural and everything in between) is getting on ok. Would love to share some of these early preg heebie-jeebies xxxx

KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 13:56:35

Arlington77 hi!

Congratulations! I agree that the wait till your scan is so hard, it's the time I feel I need the most surport but have the least.

It's taken us 5 yrs, 3 ops and 2 rounds of ivf to get here so wrapping my head around the idea it's finally happened is so hard. I don't think it will seem completely real until the scan. Yours is getting closer now though!

Natural conception is dated from the first day of your last period as date of conception isn't alway known. With us we know the exact date of conception so they add 2 weeks to your egg collection date ( it's so confusing!) so both natural and assisted both have the same pregnancy length. None of it makes sense

KittenCamile Tue 17-Oct-17 15:00:25

I called my fertility nurse and she said nothing to worry about, my body will feel lots of weird aches and pains while it's changing. Has put my mind to rest

samks Tue 17-Oct-17 15:11:29

HI, up until about week 8 or 9 I had some intense cramps which had me doubled over in pain. My midwife wasn’t that worried about it and said it can happen. Everything was fine and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Always good to get yourself checked though.

Arlington77 Wed 18-Oct-17 09:40:01

hello @kittencamile lovely to meet you - sounds like we've had similar experiences, it's taken me about 5 years to conceive and 2 rounds of IVF, which is why this one feels so precarious and precious (then again, I know that every baby does!)
hope your cramps have gone and you're feeling good this morning, it's hard to know what anything means really...
the strangest thing, like you say, is the lack of support: for months I was at the hospital every other day, and now I get my BFP and that's IT! I mean, I can still email my consultant and ring the nurses if I needed to I guess, but basically they just tell me to carry on with the progesterone pessaries (ugh) and the Fragmin injections and 'see you for the scan'... shouldn't they be DOING something??! haha:-) one just wants constant reassurance after the IVF process I guess.
hugs to all on this vile grey morning xx

butterflycatcher Wed 18-Oct-17 17:43:27

Hi, I think I am also around 5 weeks pregnant and last night I had such bad stomach cramps it woke me up. It calmed down after about 20 minutes but I then woke again a little later in the night with the same thing. I was thinking the worst but had no bleeding at all. It is such an emotional rollercoaster!

I have also been having bad cramping after emptying my bladder. Does anyone else get this or know if it is a sign of an infection or just another pregnancy thing?

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