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Jobs for pregnant women?

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CrimsonKitten Tue 17-Oct-17 09:58:24

Hi again
It's come to my attention that doing an apprenticeship whilst pregnant is not going to save the money desperately needed for the baby. My boyfriend works full time on minimum wage and I work full time on apprenticeship wage. But because I've just started, I won't qualify for SMP from the company, nor will the money I earn prior be enough for our needs. I've vaguely looked into benefits but we all know how usuless the job centre is.
So my question is this:
What part time, temp or work from jobs are worth looking into? I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing so I'm looking as much into the future as I am for the present. Eg- working from home (not full time obviously) once the baby arrives.
Any tips?

katmarie Tue 17-Oct-17 16:01:25

No idea about jobs but if you don't qualify for SMP, you might instead qualify for maternity allowance. You fill out a form which you can get online, definitely worth looking into.

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