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I don't know what to do...

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CrimsonKitten Tue 17-Oct-17 08:47:54

I've posted several times on here over the past few weeks about different things hut now I've been hit by a wave of reality.
I'm about 6 weeks pregnant (I've just moved and haven't found a Dr yet, so I'm just guessing at this point), I live with my boyfriend and his family and I've just began an 18 month apprenticeship in childcare. I've been laying in bed for hours thinking of what needs sorting and now I'm just in tears.
Obviously, my worry is money.
We are both in debt from previous failed relationships (living alone and everything) and now I've had to sacrifice money for a qualification so even more debt for me. I won't get maternity pay from the nursery as I was pregnant before I started and being an apprentice means 90% of my wages is less than the maternity allowance of £140, so even less money for me. The house we live in is not big enough for us (currently sleeping in a conservatory) and therefore won't be suitable for the baby once it arrives. I've looked through benefits but with my boyfriend working full time, we're unlikely to get anything extra and council housing is a nightmare.
I just don't know where to turn and I'm really scared. We didn't intend for this to happen, but it has and now I'm worried we may have to rethink our decision to keep the baby because we simply cannot afford it :'(
Am I over reacting? Is it normal to feel this way? I should be happy but I can't stop crying...

SundayLunchHappy Tue 17-Oct-17 08:53:33

Didn't want to read your post and run off without commenting.

I'm sorry you're feeling so low about it and I can't imagine the turmoil you're in. I wonder if it would be worth discussing with your local cab about what financial support may be available to you. Whilst my circumstances are different, I certainly struggle to make head or tail of what the tax/benefits calculators mean, plus talking it through with someone irl might make you feel a lot clearer.

Hopefully someone will be along soon with some better advice than my waffle. In the meantime, be kind to yourself flowers

MrsFletcher Tue 17-Oct-17 09:26:50

I agree with SundayLunchHappy- the citizens advice bureau will probably be very helpful. Also, see the following link:

Maybe check out the sure start maternity grant?

MrsFletcher Tue 17-Oct-17 09:30:16


Good luck with everything and be nice to yourself flowers

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