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Stretch marks. Why did I get the mirror out..

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Tattybogle89 Tue 17-Oct-17 00:01:42

I’m horrible for feeling this way aren’t I.
But I’m really upset. Only got stretch marks on my tummy on due date with my first so there wasn’t much time for them to get bad.

Boobs got ravaged when milk came in though.

I’m 34 weeks and thought I was doing well. Til I stuck a mirror under bump and I’m covered in underside of bump and creeping up sides aswell that I couldn’t even see.

Fuck you cocoa butter 😞

I should man up I know.

But struggle with confidence issues at the best of times and I can cope with a few little marks but I am TERRIFIED they are going to spread terrible and il have them deep all over by the time baby is out. Still up to 8 weeks left and these are getting worse by the day. Have seen some horrific pictures online.

I hear everyone saying they aren’t tiger stripes etc but no.
No one wants them

Any one else in the same boat ☹️

xxalexacxx Tue 17-Oct-17 00:06:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CinnamonAndSpice Tue 17-Oct-17 00:15:54

I had the most awful raging dark purple ones that went from bikini line to chest and about 1cm wide. With my dc years ago. And honestly they faded to silvery. Yes some pitted but I never imagined they would disappear so please don't worry.
I'm currently 20 weeks and I have them going horizontally now which is weird. They. Aren't so dark tho... Yet 😂
Honestly don't worry they do fade and try not to worry about it, I know it's hard if conscious about it. But IME there's not much u can really do. Xx

Brandnewstart Tue 17-Oct-17 00:17:53

Mine were awful! Red and very angry looking. They have practically faded to nothing I promise. The c section overhang is a different story though angry

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