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Preparing for a second child?

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Phryne Mon 16-Oct-17 02:40:17

Recently found out I'm pregnant again. Had a long road TTC #1 (3+years) so by the time an Actual Baby arrived I so over-prepared I was practically reading 'How to Survive the Teenage Years' and worrying about empty nest syndrome. This time round I feel like there's nothing to do until I go pick up a replacement cot mattress on my way to the labour ward...this one is clearly a poor neglected second already!

I'd quite like something to think about / research / read in a positive way so I feel like I'm getting prepared. It's early days and I don't want to do any shopping as I am worried I'll have another miscarriage.

Any suggestions? Is 'Coping with Two' any good? Pelvic floor exercises and vitamin comparison shopping is all I've come up with and really isn't that glamorous sadly...

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