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Suffering with headaches - help!

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Lotsalotsagiggles Sat 14-Oct-17 21:28:29

So my blood pressure has been high and been out on 250mg methadopyl twice a day but don't think it's strong enough.

Have blood pressure monitored once a week at the mo and yesterday it was better. I'm having the most awful headaches and am really struggling, pounding and get dizzy when bend over.

Paracetamol doesn't touch it, any help appreciated smile

Lozmatoz Sun 15-Oct-17 06:58:47

Sorry can’t help but here’s a bump

Lilypad78 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:34:54

How far along are you OP? High BP & a headache that won't go away can be symptoms of pre-ecampsia, you need to get checked out ASAP. Xxx

Lotsalotsagiggles Mon 16-Oct-17 23:34:58

Only 11.5 weeks so far

Autumndays14 Mon 16-Oct-17 23:37:06

I would go and see your GP. I get really bad headaches and was told it's fine for me to still take my prescribed tablets. It's only ibuprofen you need to avoid.

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