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Whole family's ill and I'm pregnant

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Ilovechocolate111 Sat 14-Oct-17 12:49:46

My whole family is ill due to catching a bug from school. They have had some sloppy poos and been coughing like mad and sometimes sick and badly Blocked sinuses .
I now have caught it. But I panic that if i cough to hard or to much I might mc (probs a stupid thought)
Can anyone help me with trying to sooth everyone. My 2 yo is suffering the worse with his nose. I can't get anyone to doctors as there shut till Monday. Ibuprofen isn't helping them or paracetamol.
Now I've got the stage of thinking maybe I have got morning sickness and stuff I might just be mistakening it for being ill.
I am sick of my family been ill. It's every 2 weeks. The school they go to is bad for bugs as parents won't keep there kids off school of their ill. Because they rather sit at a friend's house all day and gossip. Help me. I'm at my wits end xxx

Ilovechocolate111 Sat 14-Oct-17 12:50:27

*haven't got morning sickness

Loosemoose28 Sat 14-Oct-17 23:20:53

You will unlikely miscarry due to coughing so much.
Think of all the women who have hyperemesis they puke all day and don't miscarry. Keep your self hydrated as I guess one risk is that you may pee a little with the coughing and then be prone to urine infections.

Hope your household de-bugs soon.


ChocolatePancake Sun 15-Oct-17 09:34:13

I agree with PP, keep yourself hydrated. Slap a tonne of Vicks on them (only thing I've found to stop mine coughing so much and when my youngest has a cough he throws up during the night, so this stops that). You'll be okay though, just buy some disinfectant to wipe over surfaces and handles every now and then. Good luck! flowers

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