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Csection date worries

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Alecstuart007 Thu 12-Oct-17 18:54:21


My wife is 33 weeks and has been planned for a section at just after 39 weeks. We have been told constantly a section is needed due to her bmi etc. However the hospital in our county is an hour away but the next one is 30 minutes. Our worries are:

1). She is further along than they think. A private scan said a week ahead.
2). If she comes into labour early we are over an hour away and it could become an emergency. We've been told senior staff need to be on hand.

There are other things such as getting the injection into my wife's spine etc that worry us.

Anyone else had this problem too? We just think if she goes into labour an hour would be too long.

Is it too late to switch? Or should we push for a earlier date?

Apologies if seems it but just very worried about my wife

AnUtterIdiot Thu 12-Oct-17 18:56:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mayhew Thu 12-Oct-17 19:03:37

The 12 week scan is most reliable for dating.
UK national guidelines are not to schedule elective cs before 39 weeks to reduce the risk of complications to the baby.

otherdoor Thu 12-Oct-17 19:11:26

I've never heard of a c section being recommended for high BMI. Is it not just as risky as a natural birth due to need for anaesthetic etc? Or are there other risk factors too?

As others have said, you can go to the nearer hospital if she does go into labour early and things are moving very fast. Although that's less likely with a first baby - chances are you would have time to make it to the hospital.

I understand you being concerned - it is a really strange and stressful time flowers

Alecstuart007 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:13:34

Doesn't it potentially increase risks though if there is a good chance my wife will go into labour early as she could be well over an hour to two hours before she is seen?

Alecstuart007 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:14:47

Also sorry it's my wife's third and the second was delivered by emergency section both from first marriage

mayhew Thu 12-Oct-17 19:16:12

If she has an elective planned and is in labour, she'll be seen immediately on labour ward.
I've never heard of elcs for obesity on its own though.

Alecstuart007 Thu 12-Oct-17 19:18:05

They said bmi was a factor I don't know if previous emergency section has factored in too.

minniemouseears Thu 12-Oct-17 23:08:26

Hi I am booked for a elcs live much closer to the hospital than you though however I had an irritable uterus from about 37 wks with last baby who was a planned vbac but ended up as a emergency section. Advised if symptoms of labour ring ward sooner rather than later most likely be going in to check if labour and if so will proceed as an emergency section if this isn't your wife's first baby and had emergency section before I'm thinking it's likely she'll recognise early labour and if she's nit sure ring anyway explain distance to hospital and planned section and they will advise from there really. Hopefully it's all really straightforward for you and bsby behaves 😊

Moanyoldcow Thu 12-Oct-17 23:46:13

The reasons for the ELCS sound a bit odd. My BMI is very high and I had EMCS with previous baby.

I'm consultant led and she's happy fir me to go into labour naturally and try for a VBAC provided no other health issues (I have Pregnancy induced hypertension).

CS for BMI only seems unlikely - are you in the UK?

If she heads to the hospital as soon as she's in labour she's unlikely to have progressed that far in an hour.

Mrstobe90 Thu 12-Oct-17 23:59:14

I don’t have any advice to offer but I just want to say that I hope everything goes well for you all xx

Mummyme87 Fri 13-Oct-17 12:26:44

In the UK, high BMI would be an indication not to have a CS!! Due to risk of PPH, wound infection and difficult access.
A CS prior to 39weeks is not recommended due to neonatal risks unless the benefits outweigh the risks. Forget the private scan, the dates based on 12weeks scan are much more accurate. Your private scan just shows baby is a week ahead of his or her gestation

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