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Baby Shower

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 12-Oct-17 15:49:59

So someone is kindly hosting a baby shower for me but has asked me for game ideas as they know I hate being centre of attention too much. It's a mixed shower so males and females...

Any ideas?

salsasalsa Thu 12-Oct-17 15:58:17

S**t happens!
My sister did this for me at mine everyone got really involved and it wasn't an all eyes on you game, but very funny...

Basically who ever is setting it up, get a load of nappies, opened up, and pinned to a big bit of card to put on the wall, each labelled 1 - whatever amount of nappies used, they will melt a load of different chocolate bars the night before, and smear each one on each nappy to set over night... looks like s**t!
Each guest is given a card with a list 1 - whatever amount of nappies, and write down their guess of each chocolate after giving all the pooey nappies a sniff!
Most amount of right answers gets a prize! Harder than you think too...
Caramac made for some good colouring!
So much fun lol x

Teamkhaleesi Thu 12-Oct-17 18:01:58

My sister threw me a baby shower with my first. She got everyone to bring a photo of themselves as a baby and pinned them all up on a board. Everyone had to guess who was who. Also everyone got given a slip of paper to fill out to guess babies birth day, eye colour, hair colour, weight etc - I kept them all as wee mementos. Enjoy your baby shower

OnNaturesCourse Thu 12-Oct-17 20:04:48

Baby photos sound brilliant lol

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