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Anyone that had a huge bump go into labour earlier than due date?

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DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 08:33:57

To cut a long story short I have though I was around 3 weeks ahead from my last period throughout my pregnancy. They dated me at my 10 week scan and ever since I have measured ahead on each scans. Even private scans they said are you sure of your date as she seems more developed or bigger etc, which I reply stating I thought I was further along but they dated me at 10 week scan and then said they're not allowed to change dates after that even though I've measured ahead on 12 and 20 week scan. And had private at 16 and 28 weeks. Fast forward to first bump measurement at 25 weeks and every bump measurement since. 2-3 weeks ahead each time.. I know people say bump measurements can be inaccurate but I just find it all a strange coincidence!

Dis anyone that was huge and meadured ahead throughout go into labour earlier?

Or did you think your dates were wrong and go into labour earlier?

I haven't got gestational diabetes. My midwife keeps saying she'll be a big baby and wont send me for growth scans although I know many people sent for growth scans for a lot less..

I worry as the same hospital told my sister shed have a normal sized baby. She measured ahead every time like me. They let her go over due and she nearly died from blood loss as she was in labour for 5 days. He got stuck and they had to pull him out by his arm as forceps and the vacuum thing did not work. He was physically too big for her pelvis and he was too far down for a c section. She tore front to back and lost 5 out of 7 units of her own blood which resulted in her nearly dying. He was 10 lbs 10 and a half. I'm even smaller than my sister height wise so it really worries me that a this could happen to me too.. She did get compensation in the end too because was really that horrific.

I am just really worried. Pic for attention. Me at 32 weeks.

DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 08:35:56

Sorry for typos. New phone has a mind of its own.

BoredOnMatLeave Thu 12-Oct-17 08:40:15

Sorry I have no advice but I was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead the whole time and DD came at 39 weeks, 10lb 6. I suspected the dates were wrong but who knows. A big baby doesn't always mean bad labour though, it was the opposite for me so try not to let what happened to your sister worry you.

DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 08:52:07

Thank you bored on mat leave. I am terrified and keep thinking she'll be 10lbs and how will she come out of me. I have a small pelvis and I'm only 5'2. I keep having nightmares

Teatowelfairy Thu 12-Oct-17 09:03:51

My bump measured bigger with DC3 but the mw wouldn't send me for a growth scan. Anyway DC3 arrived 3 weeks early weighing 8lb 1oz.

DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 09:08:26

Thank you yea towel. Were you measuring 2-3 weeks ahead each time too? I really hope she's early because my dates were wrong. I hurt all over and have spd, pgp and pep. I think the PEP is the worse!

IamDBCooper Thu 12-Oct-17 09:09:31

No I just had a giant baby. I was 5 days late

Teatowelfairy Thu 12-Oct-17 09:15:37

Yes I did measure 2-3 weeks bigger but I think as it was my third pregnancy and I'm a short arse 4'11" mw dismissed it.
I had spd and that was bad enough so I can't imagine how horrendous you're feeling with everything else. flowers

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Thu 12-Oct-17 09:18:34

I had big babies both times and am very petite like you. Ds2 was 9 lb 15oz with a giant head grin. My dates weren’t wrong (and I actually went very overdue) but I just wanted to reassure you that a big baby, small Mum doesn’t always equal a horrendous experience. I was fit as a fiddle after my biggest baby.

I do however think you need to push your MW for a growth scan. They can be inaccurate - didn’t pick up my big babies either time - but it might just show a big baby in which case a plan might be put into place.

Good luck!

DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 09:19:21

Thank you for your reply. I've been signed off for two weeks. Back in work tomorrow two more weeks in then I'm on mat leave thank goodness. The itching is driving me insane I have cuts on my belly where the stretch marks itch so bad and the stretch marks are raised like a stinging nettle rash. Can't wait for her t be here now x

silkpyjamasallday Thu 12-Oct-17 09:24:39

I had my dates adjusted at our 20 week scan by a week, I know exactly when we conceived so knew it was wrong. Dd was born at 40+1 in real terms but it was down on my notes as 39+1. Not a huge difference admittedly, but I was prepared to give birth before they told me I would. The scans are notoriously inaccurate at the later stages, if I were you OP I would be ready to give birth at the date you think you should be at. Everyone carries differently, a huge bump could just mean lots of fluid and a big baby. But best to be prepared.

I found almond oil was good for itchy stretch marks by the way

ChocolatePancake Thu 12-Oct-17 09:35:23

I was absolutely massive both pregnancies and one came 2 days early and one came one week late

FlaviaAlbia Thu 12-Oct-17 09:42:03

When you say 'they' told you, who are they?

Could you contact your supervisor of midwives (you should be able to find contact details for you local one if you Google or ask your Dr's surgery) and explain you think your dates are wrong and this is backed up by scans and that you are very anxious due to family history.

They should at least be able to tell you what steps you can take.

I'm probably in a different area of the UK to you but it sounds completely odd. Here you get an initial date at first scans then the dates are revised at the 20wk scan.

timeforbedsleepyhead80 Thu 12-Oct-17 09:47:53

Yep, I measured 3 weeks ahead the whole second half of my pregnancy. No complications, GD etc. Labour started at 39+4 and DD was born at 39+6. So only a day early, not significantly. She was 8lb 9oz though, so a fair size.

DueNov Thu 12-Oct-17 10:22:42

Flavia my midwife told me she feels like a big baby. Long and big! She said at my appointments where she feels the position. She has also apparently been head down since 28 weeks too. I'm in the south west and at my 12 and 20 week scan they said she measured ahead but can't revise them from the first scan. I thought that was weird too.

I don't think there is a supervisor of midwives in my area currently. They don't have midwives at gp surgeries just at clinics and one clinic had had to close down due to funding. They don't even have a receptionist anymore for the midwives. If you ring you have to leave a message and they try to get back to you. Been told that if it's a worry then to ring straight to delivery suite and speak to a midwife there. It's horrendous.

I have told the midwives about the previous history and she knows I've measured ahead each time and the scans. All she says is well she's just going to be a big baby. Which isn't reassuring for me whatsoever.

I see a different midwife Monday because they're so booked up so I will say all the same to her again. However I expect she say I have to take it up with my usual midwife.

I was supposed to be referred to physio too but still not received a phone call or letter about that. It just all seems so unorganized atm!

FlaviaAlbia Thu 12-Oct-17 10:32:40

Some of that sound shambolic but some of it sounds normal. The community midwives here share a rota for a phone and physio takes ages but you should at least have got an acknowledgement you're on the waiting list, I would have thought.

The role of supervisor of midwives should be filled from somewhere, maybe the hospital you're booked into but you could contact PALS since you're not happy with your care and your concerns aren't being taken seriously.

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