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Tearing too early ?

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gabrielle1201 Thu 12-Oct-17 08:10:52

Hello everyone!

I am currently a 2 days late on my period. Testing yesterday evening as I am late so it didn’t need to be FMU and it was a negative result.

As it was a digital I opened it up and noticed that the lines after the control and the second test showed a faint line above the usually shadow you would find if it were a negative result.

My cervix is closed even tho I am due my period and I haven’t checked my ovulation just went by cm so in my eyes it was either the 1st or 3rd of October.

I also have irregular periods but it averages to around 31 days with 28 being the shortest and 54 being the longest.

So my question is does this negative result just mean what it’s it says or does the strips look promising and I should retest in a few days or use a different test ?

Thank you for the advice in advance!

The inside of the test is as below.

ScotsLamb Thu 12-Oct-17 08:12:18

A non digital test might give you a better result as they are more sensitive than the digital. Good luck x

gabrielle1201 Thu 12-Oct-17 08:20:59

I don’t want to test again if it truely is a negative result, but if it looks promising then I would. Would you say test again or wait ?

ScotsLamb Thu 12-Oct-17 08:31:16

Test again

gabrielle1201 Thu 12-Oct-17 08:36:14

Okay! If nothing by Friday I will test Saturday.

Lozmatoz Thu 12-Oct-17 09:57:17

Give it a few days, test again using first morning urine

TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Thu 12-Oct-17 10:27:15

Digitals always have another line when you open them up. Opening them up doesn't tell you anything that looking at the readout won't tell you - negative is negative and your eye can't read the strips any better than a diode can.

Test again in a few days if you don't get your period, but seriously don't open up the digitals, it just messes with your head.

"A digital pregnancy test will always have two lines on the strip within it. Digital pregnancy tests detect pregnancy by using a unique and patented testing process that tests for both the pregnancy hormone as well as the lutenizing hormone. In fact, on the instruction leaflet that comes with the Clearblue brand digital pregnancy test, an information box advises, "When you eject the Test Stick you may notice one or two blue lines on the Test Stick. These must be disregarded; only refer to the Display on the Test Holder." A digital pregnancy test reads the results of the pregnancy test by using a special device known as a chromameter. A chromameter, simply put, is capable of detecting different shades of colors that human eye cannot. In relation to a digital pregnancy test, this means that the test is capable of reading different shades within a single band of color on a test strip and is then able to interpret them and display the resulting interpretation on the digital result window. As you can see, a digital pregnancy test operates differently than the standard visual interpretation pregnancy tests, and therefore, cannot be read like a standard pregnancy test. Two lines on a digital pregnancy test, does not mean the woman is pregnant. Unfortunately, many women have gotten their hopes up and suffered unnecessary emotional distress as a result of interpreting the lines on a digital pregnancy test strip visually."

gabrielle1201 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:20:35

As you can see from the image tiramisuQuennOftheFaeries, the single lines one is the high sensitivity and is visible to see as a think line rather than a thick. I am asking advice and I opened it assuming it was a negative anyways.

TiramisuQueenoftheFaeries Thu 12-Oct-17 12:23:06

It IS negative. Digitals can't be read visually, they operate in a completely different way to tests which can be read visually. The readout on the screen is the result and is definitive.

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