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Elevated risk of Downs Syndrome, what do I do?

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AndInShortIWasAfraid Wed 11-Oct-17 18:18:13

I've just had a call from the hospital to say that I'm in the 'recall' group for the Downs testing. I couldn't have the nuchal measurements checked so I had the blood test instead. I have a 1 in 1:128 chance and apparently for a 26 year old it should be 1:1276. The lovely midwife get saying that I was just on the cusp but I'm not sure that's right from the numbers above.

I can have an amnio or the NIPT. The NIPT will take seven days and the amnio results will come back more quickly but there is the risk of miscarriage. This is my third pregnancy this year and I can't risk another miscarriage. I am in bits, I had just heard the baby's heartbeat at my midwife's appointment and after three months of hyperemesis I was finally starting to believe that I may be bringing a baby home. sad

bigfatbumfreak Wed 11-Oct-17 18:24:52

I never had the DS tests as i had so many M/C i just accepted that i would accept the child whatever, its all personal choice, but it might be an idea to think how you might feel if you have a DS child. X

Bryna Wed 11-Oct-17 18:28:49

The key question at the moment is how you would feel if the baby had DS? If you would still go ahead anyway, there’s no reason to test. High risk just means higher than average, there is still a big chance it won’t happen, same as low risk there’s still a chance it would. It’s a hard decision and a personal one. X

Lemonicelolly1 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:11:05

Hope your ok OP, like pp have said it's a totally personal choice but I've just been through similar.
Couldn't get measurements at my 2 scans so had the blood only test (which isn't as reliable as both tests) and my results came back as 1 in 110. I totally know how you feel because at 25 I hadn't even really considered the risk would be so high.

Me and dp spoke about everything and agreed that we would be having the baby even if it had ds so didn't want the amino as the risks of miscarriage were 1 in 100 which was more risky than the original 1 in 110 risk of the baby having ds

We had the harmony test done, we had to pay £300 for it ( through the nhs hospital it's more expensive if you do it privately) and weeks wait was awful but I would really reccomend the test if you can afford it.

The risk of the baby having ds is now 1 in 10000. It's really helped put or minds at rest, and we knew that even if the risk was higher we would want to know now than when the baby was born so we could be more prepared.

It's a completely personal choice and only you will know how you truly feel, but at least with the Nipt test it's not risky for the baby.

Sorry for such a long message! Take care and try not to stress to much flowers x

AndInShortIWasAfraid Thu 12-Oct-17 10:38:11

Thank you all. DH and I have spoken cried and we decided to do the NIPT. I spoke to the midwife who said that if I hadn't had the quad test I probably would have been considered low risk. I'm on my way to the hospital. Lemon I'm the same, apparently I have a funny shaped womb so they can never get any measurements.

DaisyLand Thu 12-Oct-17 10:45:08

Not sure whether you read this thread yesterday where someone explained her NIPT experience

Hope everything works out for you three. flowers

WhichNewWoof Thu 12-Oct-17 10:58:11

Good luck with your test. When you say funny shaped womb is it a unicornuate uterus? They carry a much higher risk of miscarriage and need proper consultant care but it's often missed in this country.

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