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Cramps in second trimester

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Cookingaway123 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:21:01

Hi all...

Posted in chat by mistake so posting here again apologies if it shows twice!

Hoping there's some Midwife's/experienced pregnant people that can point me in the right direction! My midwifes gone off the radar completely and can't get hold of the antenatal clinic- Typical.

Am 23w5d preg today. Since yesterday morning on and off I've had some period type pains all day really low down and some pressure on the lady regions along with very occasional sharp pain on my left side.

Baby is low i think as I'm also experiencing strange kicks low down (I.e kicking me inside low down as opposed to usual stomach kicks that I can feel on the outside) these feel really tender almost painful when he kicks and I don't remember having it with baby #1 ever! The kicks are still regular but definitely don't feel as strong (may just be because he's lower)

Does this just sound like normal ligament pain as per Dr. Google? As babies moved down or does it sound like I need to get it checked?

Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to answer, it's getting quite sore. I had a previous c section so at first thought maybe it was pressure on the scar or something?

Baby #1 is only 3 but seems I've forgotten this pregnancy stuff already!

cherryontopp Mon 09-Oct-17 21:47:48

Can't give any advice but watching with interest. I'm 22 weeks today and I'm getting similar feelings.
Period like aches and sharp pain on left lower abdomen.

Hope it just ligament pain and everything stretching.

LS83 Mon 09-Oct-17 22:03:12

Hiya, I'm a midwife. Probably nothing to worry about but ring your hospital antenatal ward. Go through via the hospital switch board. No answer? Ask for labour ward and then ask them to put you through. Antenatal clinic is 9-4ish and your midwife may be on a day off or a holiday. Abdo pain at this point could be growing pains, UTI etc but better to be checked out!

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