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High BMI Mamas

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lookingforthecorkscrew Sun 08-Oct-17 20:37:12

Just wondering if there were any high BMI/high risk mums on this board? I only just got my BFP but had a miscarriage at 11 weeks in April. Prior to that I’d been to my booking in appt and was classified as high risk due to my BMI, so I know that if I get that far this time it’ll happen again.

Obviously can’t lose enough weight to bring the BMI down now as there’s not enough time, but would love to share experiences with others in a similar situation, if you’re out there!

Misssmoo Sun 08-Oct-17 21:04:14

Yea but that's my on my risk with my previous preg I got an extra scan that's about it really good luck...i also had a mmc earlier this year and just had booki g appt with this one in 8 plus weeks now so bot seen anyone at hospital yet nit sure what's changes since I last gave birth xxx

peachgreen Sun 08-Oct-17 21:22:33

I lost a stone between my BFP and booking in, bringing my BMI down by 3 points. It’s doable!

lookingforthecorkscrew Sun 08-Oct-17 21:30:17

Let’s see how sick I get, with DS1 I was dog-sick and lost tonnes of weight!

Misssmoo Sun 08-Oct-17 21:47:17

I've lost 10pounds in the last 2 weeks it a horrendous xx

Broxibear Sun 08-Oct-17 21:59:55

I'm 24 weeks pregnant just now, I was put on a low dose of aspirin from 12 weeks.

Cagliostro Sun 08-Oct-17 22:08:20

My BMI was 40 when I conceived (surprise) DD2. So have been high risk from the start. Also DS was undiagnosed gestational diabetes (massive birthweight etc). I feel like I've been living at the hospital TBH! So many appointments and scans and now blood sugar testing too.

But I am half a stone lighter now at 35 weeks

lookingforthecorkscrew Sun 08-Oct-17 22:14:40

Thanks ladies, nice to know I’m not alone. Last time at booking in the midwife said I should’ve been taking low dose aspirin since the BFP, so I’m taking that already.

Misssmoo Sun 08-Oct-17 22:23:59

My midwife has bot mentioned this? X

Lulu2515 Sun 08-Oct-17 22:30:16

Hi, can I join? My bmi was 34 at booking. I wasn't recommended aspirin either confused

Currently 16 weeks.

Snowdog37 Sun 08-Oct-17 22:30:17

My BMI was 42 and is now 40. I’m 18w along. Because of my BMI and my age (39) I’m seen as high risk which is ok as it means I get a closer eye kept on me and baby boy. I do feel low energy and get out of breath easily which the weight doesn’t help with. But despite this all my tests are good so far, I’ve had no issues touch wood. Hopefully the remaining 22 weeks or so go smoothly! I’m kind of dreading being super big at full term. But it’s all worth it.

Moanyoldcow Sun 08-Oct-17 22:42:55

My booking BMI was 50 - it's now 48 at 20+4. I've not done much except cut out most junk and up my protein.

However I have PIH so am on meds for that. Also BMI means low dose aspirin and daily injections of blood thinners.

Have extra scans booked, consultant appointments are all booked and I also have a Haematology referral.

All in all I mean quite depressed and embarrassed about it but it is what it is and I'm doing the best I can.

Good luck everyone on here!

Cagliostro Sun 08-Oct-17 22:46:53

I never had aspirin mentioned either FWIW - I think it must vary by NHS trust

NeverForgotten Sun 08-Oct-17 22:53:22

I've heard of aspirin is prescribed in pregnancy to prevent high blood pressure and pre eclamsia.

Bonelessbanquet Sun 08-Oct-17 23:01:04

Currently 23 weeks with high bmi, have daily aspirin and growth scans. I'm sad I can't have a water birth and I'm struggling to find nice maternity clothes in my size. Can fit in next but not really my style!

Moanyoldcow Sun 08-Oct-17 23:11:10

Boneless - they - they have some nice bits, especially if you aren't as big as me (which it doesn't sound like you are).

Trousers are very comfy.

Cagliostro Sun 08-Oct-17 23:32:58

Ah that may be why then - I have a condition that causes low BP

MrsCharlieD Mon 09-Oct-17 08:12:24

My bmi was 45 at booking in. I'm now 39 weeks. This is dc2 for me and I was high bmi in my first pregnancy.

For both I've been consultant lead but didn't even see the consultant this time until gone 20 weeks. I've had regular growth scans in the latter part of my pregnancy but haven't been prescribed blood thinners. I was on high dose folic acid though in the first trimester.

My first pregnancy I managed a normal, unassisted delivery with gas and air only and hoping for the same this time. Last time I found pregnancy enjoyable and I've struggled much more this time as I have a 3yo to run around after. I've always been treated respectfully at all my appointments and have been lucky to have good pregnancies with no complications.

Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy.

MrsCharlieD Mon 09-Oct-17 08:17:08

I also recommend yours clothing for maternity wear. The only thing I was disappointed in we're the maternity skinny jeggings. They don't stay up as there is too much stretch in the belly band. I ended up sewing elastic into the waist band but I'm rubbish at sewing and it didn't work very well. I mostly wear empire line dresses and leggings. Looking forward to getting back into my normal clothes.

Bonelessbanquet Mon 09-Oct-17 12:48:00

Thank you, I'll have a look on there when I'm home from work! Hated shopping before, never mind now I'm pregnant! It's so hard! Xx

Cat2991 Mon 09-Oct-17 17:33:04

I had my first consultant appointment the other day as I’m high risk for BMI . Never even saw him, just saw a nurse/midwife that piped on about my weight. Ended up snapping at her! The day before I found out I was pregnant I had paid for 12 weeks up front of slimming world and every week has been a gain even when I was 100% on plan. I’m otherwise really healthy and have no other health problems! I told her I was perfectly aware that I was fat (14 pre, 16/18currently) and I have been trying to lose my remaining 4 stone for 2 years! She quickly changed subject!

I know there are more risks with a high bmi, but I’m 21 weeks gained a stone so far and I’m still being sick! Honestly nothing more I can do! I don’t smoke or drink unlike the 6 heavily pregnant women we passed on the way it!! Ugh!!!!

AnUtterIdiot Mon 09-Oct-17 17:46:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moanyoldcow Mon 09-Oct-17 18:06:12

What I would say is my care has been exemplary so far and I've not been made to feel small about my weight whilst still acknowledging it's an issue we need to monitor closely.

Sorry to hear that's not universal.

JennyBlueWren Mon 09-Oct-17 18:18:30

My BMI is 35.5 so obese although I have very big breasts so it's not so much tummy fat (although some of it is).

This is my second pregnancy. Last time round I had awful heartburn which turned out to be gallstones which can be linked to weight. I don't think I had any weight related intervention last time round but did get extra folic acid (although nearly 10 weeks by then so a bit late!)

This time round I'll be getting a couple of extra scans and consultant appointments but this is new to my area.

Cagliostro Mon 09-Oct-17 20:04:35

It's horrible that some people have been treated badly because of their weight sad

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