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5 days late - 2 Negative pregnancy tests

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Page123 Sun 08-Oct-17 19:59:30

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help?
My husband and I have been ttc since April when I came off the mini pill, been having regular 27 day cycles until last month it was 30 days followed by a very heavy period.
This month I am 5 days late so on day 33 but I tested today and on the day my period was due and both negative. sad I’ve been clocking everything on a app since we’ve been ttc and had sex on the days before and after the ovulation date (aswell as the ovulation date) just to really try and make it happen wink and all through out the month.
I’ve been having cramps and heightened sense of smell, Im very nauseous threw out the day and it has made me sick a couple times and I’m really lacking energy! but feeling a little disheartened because of the negative tests I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and if they was pregnant?
I’d love to hear from anyone that’s gone/going threw something similar. It would be our first pregnancy and can’t wait smile thanks

sizeofalentil Sun 08-Oct-17 20:25:23

I was 7-10 days late before I got a very very faint bfp. So it's is possible, although don't get your hopes up too high as it isn't very likely.

Have you tried a first response early results test?

Page123 Sun 08-Oct-17 20:30:54

No I’ve just been using Tesco own brands, do you buy first response online?
i did think that because I got a Negative today it’s unlikely now unless I ovulated later this cycle I guess sad but I don’t want to get my hopes up confused

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