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Next 2 me crib - second hand or not

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tootsieglitterballs Sun 08-Oct-17 16:55:27

We have a beautiful Moses basket that we used for our DS a couple of years ago, however by about 7 weeks he had grown out of it (we managed to stick with it until 9 weeks)

This time we have been looking at getting a next 2 me crib - not necessarily for the bed side feature, more for the size compared to our Moses basket.

Is getting one second hand (I guess it could even be third hand...) ok or would we be better getting a new one? Pros and cons? Are new mattress’ readily available to go with them?

I would prefer to keep this baby with us for longer this time, partially as if he goes into the ‘nursery’ room, he’s more likely to disturb DS1 when he wakes (rooms closer) than if he is with us!

Carolwithane Sun 08-Oct-17 17:06:49

No advice as such but I'm currently wondering the same thing. I'm thinking of having a Next to Me with a Sleepyhead

Will follow with interest

tootsieglitterballs Sun 08-Oct-17 17:14:38

See I’m thinking I would be happier if I had a new mattress with a second hand one, but at £40 for a new mattress and £85 for a second hand one, I’m not far off getting a new one for £159!

confusedlittleone Sun 08-Oct-17 17:35:58

I don't have much experience with them but is it possible to replace the mattress on them? For not I'd look into something like a snuz where you can buy replacement mattresses

BelfastSmile Sun 08-Oct-17 17:44:46

We have a Next 2 Me and really like it. DD is 7 months and still fits in, so it's got much more use than the Moses basket did first time round (DS was out of it at 4 months or so, plus it was really creaky when he was put in and that used to wake him up!).

We didn't replace the mattress because it came from SIL so we know it was clean - just gave it a good wash and aired it. The mattress has a cover that comes off for washing, leaving just a foam bit inside that can't be washed. If I hadn't known where it had been, I'd have got a new mattress.

Bear in mind, if you buy it, you can always sell it on when you're done, so factor that in when you decide whether it's worth it.

AnxietyStrikes Sun 08-Oct-17 18:03:01

I have a next 2 me and it was the best thing we bought for dd! They are expensive new but the mattress can be taken out so assuming you can just replace That? Dd is 3mo and very long and still fits in it with plenty of room. She hasn't been able to go in her Moses basket downstairs since she was 4 weeks old!

Frisbeefreedom Sun 08-Oct-17 18:03:52

I ended up doing the same calculations you've done - second hand crib plus new mattress wouldn't save much money. So I decided to go for new, partly on the basis that I should be able to sell it on for a reasonable amount! I found an online deal which came with three free sheets, which helped a little!

tootsieglitterballs Sun 08-Oct-17 22:36:39

@Frisbeefreedom that’s partly my thinking too! At least I could sell it on knowing it’s complete history and thus a clear conscience!

dramallamakarma Sun 08-Oct-17 22:49:44

You could rent a bednest? I personally haven't but there's quite a few ladies on MN that have.

ruthieruthuk Sun 08-Oct-17 23:00:04

U can buy the mattress for them on eBay/Amazon for a lot less than £40 but it’s not the Chicco brand however states it will fit.

I have a next 2me which bought for my 3rd son, he used it until he was 1yr old about, it was great! I wish I had bought it sooner! Using it for next baby which is due in November, and have replaced mattress. Bought it new, everyone feels different if u can afford new I would get new x

PastaOfMuppets Sun 08-Oct-17 23:15:30

I'd read safety guidelines on baby beds and all have clearly stated to buy a brand new mattress for a new baby, regardless of who had it before or for how long. Not sure why - avoiding the mattress memory of a baby's shape as that can allow a rolling baby to get stuck face down, maybe. But I'd get a new mattress just in case.

willisurvive2under2 Sun 08-Oct-17 23:30:37

@ruthieruthuk Out of interest, how did you manage that? Did your DC not try to pull up/crawl out of it?

Rosehyd2 Mon 09-Oct-17 19:47:14

I bought a second hand next to me for £65 and the mattress for £20 on amazon which fits perfectly. I washed it five times and it's like new.
I've also bought a pack of two fitted sheets for it on Amazon at £12, better than the £20 chicco price.

ruthieruthuk Tue 10-Oct-17 04:23:22

@willisurvive2under2 i never had any problems with him trying to get out tbh, he didn’t sit up until about 9months n crawling didn’t start until about 12months x

stealthbanana Tue 10-Oct-17 04:29:10

If you don't care about the next2me bit, have a look at the chicco lullago - it's a travel cot with a crib and a cot height. We used it in our room on the crib height in between the Moses basket stage and moving DS into his own room, and now it's our travel cot. Still expensive but at least we'll get 18months+ usage out of it rather than 6!

Re 2nd hand, id definitely get a new mattress.

MoodyOne Tue 10-Oct-17 05:22:54

I bought a chicco for £80 second hand and then a mattress for £20
I did a quick google and found this if it helps ...
I’m hoping to still sell my chicco on for £80 so I only loose the mattress money x

2furbabies Tue 10-Oct-17 07:13:44

The reason they say to replace the mattress is because mould can easily grow inside them from sweat/sick/milk/whatever it's too reduce the risk of SIDS so personally would buy a new mattress every time for every baby even if I'd brought it from
New xxx

DaisyDaisydoo Tue 10-Oct-17 07:16:29

Was going to post exactly what stealthbanana said! Really happy with our lullago.

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