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Reduced/more cushioned movements (34 weeks)

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BlueButTrue Sun 08-Oct-17 11:34:00

I'm 34+2. Over the last week my son's movements aren't as frequent and are very much so more 'cushioned', if that makes sense? I would have to really lay on my back and concentrate to feel him.

Any movement I do feel, feels like tiny little bubbles popping - very similar to what I felt at around 17/18 weeks when I started to feel him move.

I had a growth scan 48 hours ago and he seems extremely healthy (too healthy in fact, he's way above the centile and I'm having to be checked for GD again).

That same day I was put on a monitor due to protocol more than anything, as I was in hospital with blood in my urine. He was absolutely fine.

I saw my MW a few days back too, and again, baby's heart beat fine and he seems very happy in there. No distress etc.

It's really frustrating. Is this the new normal for us now? Since him being in distress was ruled out, can babies just decide to move less or be more gentle towards the end of pregnancy?

I know you should get checked every time but I'd be up there every day. Surely there must be an explanation as to why he isn't moving as much/it feels more cushioned?

Amd724 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:38:13

I get this every two or three days. It feels like she’s gotten herself into a funky position and kicks are hitting the placenta. My placenta is posterior. I’ll drink a glass of cold water and she’ll kick loads. It’s still cushioned.

I’ve had this when I was bloated/had gas. As soon as the gas/bloating was gone, her movement was normal again.

BlueButTrue Sun 08-Oct-17 11:39:43

Amd My placenta is posterior too, so in theory I should feel less cushioned movements.

I'm going to try the cold drink test

Amd724 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:44:18

Sorry, I got that wrong, my placenta is anterior. If the baby is turned a bit funny, then he may be kicking you in the back. I think the cold water kind of makes them move a bit and they start kicking off.

If you’re still worried, just call your midwife team. They’ll have you come in and do another monitoring.

My baby was breech for weeks, and her movements changed.

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