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kez1126 Sun 08-Oct-17 03:30:27

Hi. Im 15+3 weeks pregnant and for almost a week now I dont feel pregnant any more. Its my 2nd and from about 13 to 14 weeks I could feel odd movements here and there but now theres nothing. Im scared theres something wrong. Ive got no pregnancy symptoms.. even my boobs have stopped hurting and I was in agnoy with them. I dont know what to do cause if I say anything to anyone they tell me Im overreacting or I'll be fine. Ive had problems getting pregnant in the past and I had really severe preeclampsia with my daughter (I almost died) what if something in wrong? Any advice anyone?

kez1126 Sun 08-Oct-17 03:31:40

Sorry *is wrong..

Meepmoop Sun 08-Oct-17 04:21:11

I found that my symptoms eased off in the middle period however if your worried you can contact your midwife as they will be able to reassure you everything is okay

Twinklelittlestar1 Sun 08-Oct-17 04:23:54

The early second trimester is like pregnancy no man's land because you have hardly any symptoms and no movements. I felt exactly like you did and booked a private scan for reassurance. It's not surprising you feel like you do with a difficult past, I was exactly the same but I'm sat up right now feeding my newborn so it was all just paranoia. Could you book a private scan for reassurance? That's what I did x

Twinklelittlestar1 Sun 08-Oct-17 04:25:26

Ps I also thought I could feel the odd movements at your stage but actually I never felt anything properly until 18 weeks.

Misspilly88 Sun 08-Oct-17 04:40:03

I had this too. But all was fine. Check with your midwife, hopefully nothing to be concerned about.

kez1126 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:17:15

Thank you. I know i am probably overreacting a bit but I cant help it. Ive had people say to me "youve got a daughter, surely you know what to expect" but when I was pregnant with her I didnt find out until I was 6 months and after that I was so ill I was in and out of hospital and gave birth almost 6 weeks early. Ive had other pregnancies but none lasted over 6 weeks so I really dont know what to expect. I probably sound nuts. To make matters worse, my fella works away so im here on my own with these worries and dont want to say anything to him cause I dont want him to be there worrying either. I think youre all right. Im going to book a scan. Maybe find out the babies gender too. smile

AnUtterIdiot Sun 08-Oct-17 10:09:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 08-Oct-17 10:10:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Expectingbsbunumber2 Sun 08-Oct-17 13:44:38

I felt like this for weeks after all my rubbish symptoms had gone. Didn't feel pregnant at all. Try not too worry x

Lozmatoz Sun 08-Oct-17 14:29:43

I hit 15 weeks each time and I usually feel pretty normal after all the sickness, sore boobs etc. It’s likely that’s what’s happening to you.

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