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Late Ovulation/Weeks Pregnant/Due date?

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AyeWhySwim Sat 07-Oct-17 19:10:46

I seem to ovulate pretty late in my cycle - somewhere around day 21-23. How does this impact the way the dr/midwife will date the pregnancy? I am counting it a week less than if I was going by the date of last period - is this what they'll do too? And will the due date be adjusted at the first scan? I can't remember what happened last time! Thanks!

HandbagFan Sat 07-Oct-17 20:06:23

Your initial date will be based on LMP regardless of when you ovulate. Then at the 12 weeks can they'll date you by the size of the foetus.

Roxx1516 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:15:02

They gave me my due date based if the first day of my last period but at my 12 week scan they changed the due date based on what baby was measuring so I wouldn't worry about it x

AyeWhySwim Sat 07-Oct-17 20:50:22

Thanks very much. That makes sense.

ScarletSienna Sat 07-Oct-17 20:53:33

I told them my date of ovulation and said I wasn’t exactly sure of LMP and they went from that instead.

AyeWhySwim Sat 07-Oct-17 22:07:46

Oh right - I feel a bit disingenuous allowing them to go off lmp when I pretty much know when I ovulated. I think I'll just make that clear and let them take it from there. Part of me doesn't want to let myself get excited about being a week or 2 more pregnant than I really am if that makes any sense at all!

ScarletSienna Sun 08-Oct-17 13:53:19

I felt the same-I ovulated on day 30 something!

AyeWhySwim Sun 08-Oct-17 15:36:09

And how far along are you now Scarlett? Has it impacted on the dating of your pregnancy? Were you using ovulation tests?

ScarletSienna Sun 08-Oct-17 16:57:52

I was using ovulation tests and I said that I couldn’t remember my LMP as I was having cycles of 45 days but each month was a different length. So the midwife went by my ovulation day and dating scan last week was spot on with the dates I had!

ZylaB Mon 09-Oct-17 09:16:54

Whenever I told them I knew when I ovulated they ignored me and went by lmp, so I started lying about when my period was because I knew exactly when I'd ovulated and it was messing up dates by a week.

AyeWhySwim Mon 09-Oct-17 16:07:54

@ZylaB when estimating your pregnancy using your known ovulation date did you just go for a date two weeks before that to get the 'right' number of weeks pregnant? If that makes sense?!

ZylaB Mon 09-Oct-17 17:25:03

Yes, that's exactly what I did and it matched up with early scans every time. So ovulation date-2 weeks was when I said I started my last period. Not the most honest but it seems silly for them to insist on dates a week or so out because of not believing when I say I know ovulation dates smile

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