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Trying to figure out if I am pregnant

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swamil66 Sat 07-Oct-17 16:54:29

Ive been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms lately, i feel very similar to the way I last felt when I was pregnant. Fatigue, back pain, headaches, some stomach pain quite mild though, my temperatures gone up, Ive lost a bit of weight, excess saliva, been drinking water more, eating or feeling hungry more often and today Ive been to pee like 10 times and its only 5pm UK time. My only problem is I've recently come of the nexplanon implant and Ive not had sex since coming off of it although some of these symptoms were happening before I came off and the reason I came off of it was because I have been having fears it had stopped working. I did a pregnancy test a week or so ago and it came back negative but I think it may have just been too early. My GP has said they don't think its pregnancy but I just have this gut feeling that everything happening isn't down to just stress ect like theyre saying. I know my body and something just doesn't seem up. Any input would be nice and thoughts from others.

NeverForgotten Sat 07-Oct-17 16:58:58

It could be your hormones settling down after coming off implant? If you're drinking more water you will need to go to the lou more.

swamil66 Sat 07-Oct-17 17:10:45

Thats what I thought but theres some things that started before I got it out and stuff that shouldn't have come up at all with the implant being taken out. It seems like I'm peeing everything I intake not just because of the amount of water I'm drinking. I usually drink fizzy juice a lot but have replaced it with water because I've been feeling so warm and have been getting headaches but it doesn't seem to be making an impact except I need to pee it out pretty much straight away.

CL1982 Sat 07-Oct-17 21:16:54

You need to take a test my dear smile No-one can tell you the answer I'm afraid. Try a FRER. Fx!!

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