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What can I do to improve my mood and anxiety?

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thingymaboob Sat 07-Oct-17 14:47:15

I am 27 weeks pregnant with a girl. I've always had anxiety and depression but have been medication free for a few years. I have a busy job in a hospital. My husband and I have a good relationship and we wanted to have a child. I previously miscarried. Since becoming pregnant, my anxiety and depression has worsened. I had hyperemesis for 11 weeks (severely) and I still have odd sick days. I prayed for a miscarriage during those awful weeks, which I know is not uncommon among women with HG.

I have just started a CBT course through my local NHS service. I am currently sitting in a cafe and there is a woman with a happy baby next to me. I just burst out in tears. I feel so overwhelmed and really distant about being pregnant. I am really worried that I'm not bonding with my baby and that I'll not bond with her when she's here. I am speaking to a therapist about this but I was just wondering if anyone had any advice about some small things I can do everyday to improve my mood and my bond with my baby.

Saz626 Sat 07-Oct-17 18:56:42

If you feel like you aren't quite bonding with your baby bump maybe try talking to her and reading her story books? I can't remember which point it's from but they can hear you and the stories therefore helping to grow the bond before birth. Have you got a name for her yet? If so try referring to her as her name so she's a real little person rather then just a bump that made you so poorly smile

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