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Help? Feel like iv been kicked in the groin

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dede124 Fri 06-Oct-17 22:00:03

Anyone else had this feeling towards end of pregnancy? Currently 39 weeks and the right side of my groin feels really bruised and skin feels sore and sensitive to touch? It's only come on this evening but feels like it's getting worse.... I had a quick google it said it could be ligaments stretching but I'm not sure.


Mummyme87 Fri 06-Oct-17 22:12:46

Yup sounds like a form of PGP. I've had it since 16weeks

NeverForgotten Fri 06-Oct-17 22:17:38

Definitely PGP. Ask for a physio referral. It will give you a lot of relief. Heat packs for your back and pillows between your legs.

Bluefrog26 Fri 06-Oct-17 22:19:17

I had this, does it hurt to turn over in bed? Tell your Midwife because they might refer you, can’t remember who to. I was told it would stop as soon I gave birth but I didn’t believe them. It did though!

meltingmarshmallows Fri 06-Oct-17 23:12:32

Yep another vote for PGP. I have it & am experiencing what you described as we speak.

10storeylovesong Sat 07-Oct-17 03:01:19

I had this for last few weeks. My DS is exactly a week old (in 2 hours!) and I still feel like that.

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