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Sertraline in pregnancy.. Or similar.. I don't think I have a choice

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Mum2oneds Fri 06-Oct-17 16:16:18

I don't want to seem like I am. Moaning
But, im Struggling, I mean really struggling. Not with the pregnancy or my relationship in anyway. But I just feel like literally everything is on top of me. Of its not shit with our exes, even after all this time. It's work.. If it's not that it's general stuff.
Today I've felt like I've been walked over even by my best friend. I originally was going out with her to the pub dp is doing entertainment. However my cars on the blink so said I'd have to stay in. To which she said. Oh will he take me.. I was like if he could fit you in the car he could of fit me. ( he has all his equipment in there so no space). Then she said oh I may see if my daughter will take me.. Didn't offer me a lift as long as she got to go. So was fuming
Now my DS has gone to his friends. Sat on the bed too hard and broke it. It's broke on the join but y split the wood. So I have been asked to pay 200 for a new one.
It seems everyday it's something and i just can't cope.. All dp says is do t let it bother you etc. But it does.
When I met him I was in high dosed of antidepressants and anxiety meds. Which I hid for a while. And slowly came of when ttc. And have been. Off for a whole now.
But I feel like I literally can't deal with stuff. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to socialise I can't be arsed to do stuff. I just feel so down

Has or is anyone on antidepressants or anything whilst pregnant and do they have any effect on the baby.

tittletattoo Fri 06-Oct-17 16:37:40

Sorry you're feeling like this flowers

Sertraline is one of the safer antidepressants to take, so it is okay to take it if you feel like it's best for you coping wise etc. The amount that reaches the baby is minimal. However, there is a chance that after birth, baby will go through a short withdrawal. But actual risk to baby while pregnant is minimal. Doctors will prescribe a pregnant woman with Sertraline which says a lot smile

I hope you start to feel better xx

dede124 Fri 06-Oct-17 16:51:03

I take Sertraline I was very reluctant at first but my midwife reassured me that it was safe. It's the most common one in pregnancy. There is no need to suffer! I would say the risks of being depressed and anxious outweigh the risks of taking antidepressants which are considered safe to your baby. It's important that your feeling well @Mum2oneds flowers

Ps. What cheeky parents! I wouldn't be sending my son there again shock

Mum2oneds Fri 06-Oct-17 16:56:31

Normally I would of took it on the chin. And not been too upset.. Would of been annoyed. But I'm literally Sat here sobbing as I feel like everything is against me.. Some is probably hormones. But I'm not a crying type person and it's all I seem to do. Or want to do lately.
I'm 18 weeks and anything I have read says not ideal in earlier pregnancy. But so many conflicting reports so it's good to hear it from people who actually take it.

dede124 Fri 06-Oct-17 17:08:12

@Mum2oneds I used to take citrolapram but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I came off it even though that is also considered safe to take i didn't want to be taking anything at all. I thought my mood would lift anyway being pregnant so I didn't think I would need it. However, my mood dropped so much and I felt so depressed and was having second thoughts about the pregnancy and I spoke to my midwife and came to a decision to go back on them and she recommended Sertraline I still have bad days but it seems to be working and takes the edge off of that makes sense. It's quite popular so maybe have a chat with your midwife and see what she says about it.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

GiveMeTheTeaAndNobodyGetsHurt Fri 06-Oct-17 17:14:08

I'm pregnant, and on citalopram but was on sertraline - changed to sertraline due to pregnancy but it didn't agree with me so changed back. My GP, obstetrics consultant and midwife have all repeatedly reminded me that my health is of vital importance during pregnancy, and if that means being on antidepressants then so be it. If you need help please seek it. flowers

WhoWants2Know Fri 06-Oct-17 17:17:19

Yep, I was on fluoxetine for my first pregnancy and sertraline for the second. Neither baby suffered any ill effects.

Roomba Fri 06-Oct-17 17:22:57

I was on Sertraline throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Never had any issues and DS has no problems at all. It worked very well for me and got me through a really tough time.

dede124 Fri 06-Oct-17 17:30:15

@Roomba what dosage were you on? I'm planning to continue taking Sertraline after birth whilst I'm breast feeding the midwife has recommended I up the dosage to 100mg

Mum2oneds Fri 06-Oct-17 17:31:53

Thank you.
Ive been trying to ring the doctors the last ten min but no answer. I have my flu jab tom so will see if I can get an appointment. Prob I may have is only just changed surgery and they don't have all my recent accross yet.. Well they may have by now but I'm not sure.. Gonna get an appointment hopefully for early next week.

NerNerNerNerNerNerNerNerBATMAN Fri 06-Oct-17 19:09:37

Here's a link to a public health website that compiles all the data regarding drugs and their use in pregnancy: this is the sertraline chapter which you may find helpful

Looks to me that it's well worth taking if you need it, and that the risks are more pronounced earlier in pregnancy. If it were me at 18 weeks, I'd be inclined to take it.

Hope you feel better soon OP flowers

Mum2oneds Sat 07-Oct-17 08:07:35

Thank you. I was awake till 5am. So upset and angry by my friend as turned out she actually still went. Got a mutual friend to take her and had to drive past my house to get there. So I think being hurt on top of how low I been feeling wasn't good. Dp wasn't happy that they didn't think of me. But oh well I'll remember that as tomorrow when he gigs me, my DS. My mum and my mate were gonna go as it's my birthday. However I have now said I won't go so I don't feel I have to give people a lift. Instead me, my DS and my mum are going to go out somewhere else. It upset dp as he likes us to go. And as it's my birthday. But I can't put myself in that situation

Flu jab today eek. But when there I'm going to get an apt see gp in week.

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