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NIPT recommendations

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curliegirlie Fri 06-Oct-17 08:50:48

Reposted from the antenatal tests board as there’s more footfall here 😊


I recently found out I’m pregnant and I’ll want to go for NIPT, as we want more accurate results than the standard NT and bloods give. We found out my daughter has Down’s hours after she was born, after having been given a 1 in 1,900 chance of DS, so we’d rather not run the risk of a similar surprise this time (it cast a huge shadow on what should have been an amazing day), and/or unnecessary assumptions of amnios etc. if the chance comes back as high, which it almost certainly would do this time round through the NHS tests. I’d like a better certainty of what to expect, and if the NIPT comes back as high chance for Down’s, it means the sonographers will conduct the scans with that in mind and look out for potential related issues etc.

Anyway...I’m after recommendations.

I’ve heard good things about FMC, but as I’m based in Bucks, I’m also wondering about Baby Bond, as that is a bit more local and I wouldn’t have to go into London for it, but the only thing that’s potentially putting me off there is that they seem to be better known for 3D scans, etc., so would the scans be as medically sound?

Also, do most packages include early scans, and if so, how early? Would they be conducted earlier than the NIPT bloods or at the same time?

Thanks all x

Desperad0 Fri 06-Oct-17 08:57:28

I can't help re baby bond as we used FMC and another local (north) second time around

We had first scan at around 10 weeks where they took the bloods and did the anomaly checks/nuchal measurement etc.

You could call baby bond and ask who does the scans and how experienced they are/how many they do?

NoSleepSinceSpring Fri 06-Oct-17 09:41:01

We did the harmony at FMC. They were very professional and I would recommend. I am put off by the places that offer scans for fun. I would prefer a consultant to do them.

laulea82 Fri 06-Oct-17 09:43:18

Call antenatal results and choices (arc). They are a great charity and referred me to this is my in Manchester. They explained the different tests and that a scan wasn't needed just the blood test etc.

eurochick Fri 06-Oct-17 10:10:53

I also used the FMC and they were great.

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