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Taking St Johns Wort or evening primrose oil during pregnancy

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Pinky333777 Fri 06-Oct-17 07:36:28

I was wondering if anyone knew if it was okay to take St. John's wort or evening primrose oil during pregnancy?

I've been a bit concerned about my moods, and don't want to go back onto citalopram if possible. I remembered that in my teens I used to use St. John's wort and evening primrose, and they helped a bit.

I can't find much information other than research hasn't been done so no one knows if they're safe.
To me that doesn't mean they'd be unsafe.
Not sure what to do.

wowbutter Fri 06-Oct-17 07:47:26

I'm taking 5htp in pregnancy.
It helps mood and sleep.
Like you, I can't find proper evidence it is dangerous, just assumptions that it is. I am also taking another medication for a health condition that does carry risks, but unfortunately (despite reducing it to the minimum dose) I have to take it as the alternative to taking it also has risks.
My gp and I discussed weighing up the possible benefits against the possible risks and making a decision.
Turns out you are also not meant to take ibruprofen, which I somehow missed, and have been taking. Desperately trying not to google what damage I could have done because there is fuck all I can do about it now.
Sorry,I haven't helped much, just wanted to say you are not alone.

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